The Words I Cannot Say

I like you.  Do you like me?

You know.  We have this chemistry.

It’s like we are meant to be together.

Our worlds seem to navigate around one another.

I can imagine your arms holding me tight,

The warmth of your body against mine,

How your perfectly kissable lips would feel

Gently moving in rhythm with mine.

I can imagine looking into your hazel green eyes

Wondering when you’re going to kiss me,

Seeing you smile that beautiful smile, and

The smell of your skin.

I can imagine the look in your eyes

When we catch each other stealing glances,

And the way I can’t seem to get you off my mind

When I lay in bed at night.

I can imagine my hand fitting perfectly in yours,

Just the way it should be,

The feel of my hands on your chest

And yours holding me close.

I can’t imagine our two worlds apart.

It doesn’t seem right.

Am I crazy, or do you feel it too?

These are the words I cannot say.


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