Lonely Never Felt So Sad

This is an old poem I wrote about three years ago.

Thoughts run through
my mind as images of
what was and what
could have been,
play over and over again.

His words echo
softly in my ear.
I feel his presence,
but he isn’t near.

Minutes pass by
that seem like years.

He is not here
and will be no more.

Memories will no
longer be made.
What we had
is over.

It was too good to be real.
I knew this feeling couldn’t last.
Euphoria was just a
state of mind.

He shattered my heart,

leaving me on my own.

His true colors were not revealed

until it was too late.

He led me astray.

I believed his lies,

But his words were so sweet.

I decided to give us a try.

Now I regret that feeling.

I wish that I could go back

and change time because

lonely never felt so sad.


5 thoughts on “Lonely Never Felt So Sad

  1. Sometime people come in our life and then leave us after a while and it happens because their part in our life comes to an end…..They have played their part and we have to play till the end bcz this is our life


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