Random Thoughts on Writing

Well, this isn’t a short story or poem or even an excerpt of one of my novels.  This is me reflecting on my journey as a writer.  I am nearly halfway finished with the first draft of my second novel now.  I haven’t tried publishing my first one yet, because I’m not entirely sure what to do.  I hope I can get published, because that’s the only thing I want right now.  To be a published writer.

I have received many rejections for short stories, but that won’t make me give up.  I will continue trying.  Luckily for me, I have a good many stories written, because as far as short stories go, I’m drawing a blank on any good ideas.  I am writing that sci-fi/fantasy one, but I haven’t worked on it what feels like ages.  We’ll see how that goes though.

I’ve been suffering from writer’s block lately.  I seem to have no motivation to write although I want to see these novels finished and in print.  In fact, I really like the one I’m currently working on.  “The Article.”  It’s about a young girl of seventeen who at seven saw her parents murdered.  A journalist overhears her story, and now, she’s facing the reality of everyone knowing what she saw, including the killer.  She has to face her past and her killer along with the help of her twin brother, Matt, and boyfriend, Christian.

Hopefully I’ve succeeded in making it suspenseful and page turning.  Like I said, I’m only halfway finished with the first draft though.

“The Double Dare Bridges” is completely finished.  Edited by me twice, and I must say, I think it’s a good novel.  I’m usually super critical of my work, but after reading it again, I almost didn’t recognize my own work.  Haha.

Anyway, I know this is all jumbled and probably confusing, but it’s what I’m thinking of at the moment.  I am actually working on “The Article”.  I think my writer’s block is finally letting up.  Now I have to work on the motivation part.  Maybe I should just imagine my name in print.  We’ll see if that works for now.

Later, I’ll write more about my journey as a writer.  Right now, I will write my novel so I can become the writer I want to become.  🙂

A mountain stream in the Smoky Mountains…my inspiration for the Hollybrook River in my novel “The Double Dare Bridges”


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