Bit by Little Bit

I’ve decided to start something new with my blog.  Instead of posting things that I’ve written, I’m going to be posting things I’ve learned while writing.  Hopefully, it will be of some help, and too, I would appreciate anyone who wants to leave comments mentioning what you’ve learned while writing.  Because, really, writing is all about the experience.  I know that I have grown as a writer through the years.  Trust me, my writing has improved tremendously since I first started writing in high school.  I attribute that to great writing teachers and the many writer friends I have who have edited my short stories for me.  I still remember what I’ve learned from them, and I do try and apply it to my writing now.

Also, I read three writing blogs that I couldn’t live without.

Procrastinating Writers

Write It Sideways


Better Writing Habits

The two authors of this blog have helped me with my writing more than they could imagine, I’m sure.  I strongly suggest taking a look at these blogs if you’re serious about writing.

Anyway, I hope this blog is helpful in the near future.  Keep a lookout for new posts, and I hope you have a blessed day.  🙂



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