Dreaming While Awake

Dreaming Awake.  It’s the title of a short story I wrote a few years ago that somehow pertains to my journey as a writer.  The title.  Not the story.  So, what does “dreaming awake” mean?  Well, pretty much what it says.  Dreaming while awake or its more common name – daydreaming.

I have always been an avid daydreamer.  I can be standing at the sink, peeling potatoes and imagune some kind of scenario playing outside my window.  Being a suspense writer, I have had the craziest idea of a girl alone in her home, seeing a strange man staring back her from the woods behind her house.  (One day, I do plan on using that.)  Even as a child, I would read a book that would later on cause me to be thinking about it when my mind wasn’t as active as it should’ve been.  I still remember daydreaming about being a child archeologist after reading a book about some kids who were, in fact, archeologists.  Not the most creative, but still, it was a way to keep my mind active.  I still believe it was that book and daydream that made me want to be a writer, and no, I’ve never written a story about kid archeologists.

The point I’m trying to make – even if it doesn’t seem like it – is that Dreaming Awake, or daydreaming, has helped me as a writer.  When I think of some crazy idea while my mind is pretty much blank, I usually end up using it in a novel or short story.  Sadly, when my mind is the least active is when I’m lying in bed trying to sleep.  It’s then I usually have the best ideas.  That’s why I keep a notebook and pen beside my bed, or at the very least, I type the idea into the Notes app on my iPhone.  Sorry, got sidetracked for a moment.  Although, that’ s not a bad idea for writers – new and experienced – if you don’t already do it.

Anyway, back on topic now.  Whether it’s lying in bed, peeling potatoes, or doing some other mundane task such as cleaning can actually be an inspiring thing.  (Please don’t tell my parents I said that.)  Maybe our brains shouldn’t be used so much to come up with a brilliant idea.  Maybe all it takes is a dream while you’re awake to invoke creativity.

Please – comment on here.  Let me know how “Dreaming Awake” has affected your writing in someway.  Good or bad.  Although, I’m hoping for good.


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