Writer’s Block

I know that I usually come up with my own article to write on my blog, but this blog post from Procrastinating Writers is just too good not to share.  It’s called “There’s No Such Thing as ‘Writer’s Block'” by Jennifer Blanchard.

It is definitely worth a read.  Especially if you’ve suffered from “Writer’s Block.”  Let’s face it, she’s right.  There’s no such thing as writer’s block.  It’s all in our minds.  I know we get stuck from time to time.  I do.  I just feel like my writing’s not where it needs to be, and I get discouraged.  I give up for a little while and claim I have “Writer’s Block.”

Here a quote from the blog post: “Since writer’s block doesn’t really exist, using it as an excuse not to write is your choice and your choice alone. You are choosing to let the non-existent writer’s block hold you back.”

It’s true.  I come up with all sorts of excuses not write and claim it as “Writer’s Block.”  Follow her tips to overcome it, and one thing I’d like to add to her list would be what I mentioned about writing prompts a few posts ago titled “It’s Not Usually the Street I Usually Go Down…”

Find some prompts.  Write them down in a notebook and have at it.  Come up with a story idea.  Write a few paragraphs involving the prompt you chose, or better yet, don’t even choose it.  Just find a random prompt and go at it.  Get those creative juices flowing again!

I follow the Procrastinating Writers Blog.  It’s definitely worth it.  Procrastinating Writer’s Blog

Also, Write It Sideways is a good blog to follow. Write It Sideways Blog


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