Complete Devastation

Ariel view taken by AFR’s JJ Jasper as he flew over Smithville, MS April 28, 2011 one day after the tornado touched down

Yesterday, an estimated total of 164 tornadoes touched down across the Southern states.  The cities that surround me were damaged, but one city in particular, Smithville, MS, was destroyed.  I saw where someone said 80% of the city was gone, and I believe it.  After seeing pictures of the tornado and the aftermath of the city, my heart weeps.

My family was in the basement of my grandmother’s house waiting out the terrible storm.  My heart was pounding, and my body was shaking.  The sounds of the tornadoes surrounded us, and I feared for my nieces’ and nephew’s lives as well as the rest of my family and friends.  I prayed more than I’ve ever prayed in my life it seems.  Luckily, my family and house were spared.  Only by the grace of God though.

I, just like so many others, keep thinking that this is a terrible dream, but it’s a dream we’ll never wake from.

I can’t even being to imagine how terrified the people who survived the storm must’ve felt.  I can’t imagine what they’re now going through, and especially, the people who have lost loved ones.  To everyone affected in these storms, I just want them to know, you’re not alone.  God is with you, and you have the support and prayers from my family as well as many others I know.

I know this isn’t a writing article which I mostly post, but I felt  like I needed to write this.  I want to ask for prayers, thoughts and support from everyone reading this blog post.  Not only do these people from Smithville need your prayers, all of the others affected by tornadoes do as well.  Tuscaloosa, Al. was hit hard as well.  Places I didn’t even realize until today had been hit.  It’s a terrible situation.

This was one of the worst storm systems I’ve ever been through.  I’ve never really been scared of storms, but after seeing what this has done, I don’t believe I’ll ever feel the same about what could happen during a tornado.  Sleep eluded me last night because I didn’t know what could happen during my sleep even though I knew the storms had passed.  I just couldn’t calm my mind.  Please don’t take these things lightly in the future.  I know I won’t.

Again, please pray for the families affected, and thank you for reading.


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