Out of Time and Place

For this week’s writing prompt, I decided to do one about character and scene description.  My inspiration was drawn from Doctor Who.  Since the new season has begun, I began wondering what it would be like to time travel and travel to new and interesting places.  (I know.  I’m a nerd.)

Out of Time and Place

Describe a character that is out of his/her time and place.  What does s/he look like?  What year are they from?  Are they still on earth?  A different planet?  (If it’s the future, there could possibly be futuristic travels to different planets.  Maybe.)  Have they gone to the future or the past, or have they even stayed in the present but been transported to a different country or a big city if they’ve never been to one before?  Don’t forget to describe their clothing in detail along with the surroundings.  Maybe even describe accents.

Have fun with it!


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