Where’d The Time Go?

Given how the past few days have been rather hectic for me, I have rarely had the time to write.  First, my wonderful state of Mississippi along with ten others including Alabama were hit by around 164 tornadoes in 48 hours.  The Wednesday it made it to where I live, I didn’t manage any writing.  I spent most of my time at my grandmother’s where there was a basement.  Then, that night we were without electricity.  The next day, I spent most of my time in shock that the town, Smithville, MS, a few miles away from me was completely destroyed along with Wren, MS and all of the other towns destroyed by these tornadoes.  I didn’t manage any writing that day either.  When the weekend came, I had plans.  I was gone all day Saturday and Sunday doing my everyday usual stuff: grocery shopping, meeting with friends, spending time with my nieces and nephew, and on Sunday, going to church.  In all of this time, I might’ve edited two or three paragraphs of my novel, “Read Me Dead,” which is nothing in the grand scheme of a novel.

That was a long introduction to what I wanted to discuss.  Time Management.  I’ve read a lot of stuff on it, but most of it, I promptly ignored.  I really shouldn’t have though.  I need a more distinguished routine with my writing.  I need to give myself deadlines or something.

I’m more of a writer where I write for a few minutes, take a break, write some more, stop writing for a few hours, and hopefully get back to it at night if I’m not watching TV.

I need to manage my time differently though.  I need to schedule out my day better, but the thing with that is I never know what’s going to happen during my days.  So, instead of exactly planning out my day hour by hour, I’ll set small goals.  Edit one chapter a day, work on at least a small part of my outline for my new series of paranormal YA fiction, and maybe even come up with a few ideas for my blog.  I have some short stories I’d like to write, so I may try and fit that in too.  I even have some marketing for my novella to work on.  But can I do all of that in my busy day?  I don’t know, but I think it’s something I’m going to have to work on.

Being a writer’s tough.  Finding time to write is probably tougher.  I wish I could say I was better at time management.  Even before I became a writer, I wasn’t good at it.  It’s something I need to work at, and I plan on doing just that.

How do you find time to manage your writing in your busy day-to-day lives?


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