A Battle With Writing


Every time that I go to the WordPress homepage, I see the blog post titled, “Now More Than Ever: Just Write.”  I know they are talking about blogging, but it applies to writers, specifically me at this moment.

I stare at my computer screen, ready for a battle of wits against my novel and the metaphorical blank pages that will make up the last half of it.  (Here’s where we cue the boxing gloves and Rocky music.)  I write, but I don’t write like I should.  When I get started good, I end up stopping for something that doesn’t have to be done at that moment unless of course my nieces or nephew need me to do their bidding.  😉  The point I’m trying to make is that I need to be writing instead of reading Facebook updates from my friends.

Usually when my friends ask me what I’m doing, I tell them I’m writing, and I’m not lying.  I am writing.  I’m putting my fingers to a keyboard and typing furiously.  But what happens when I get stuck?  I stop typing.  Like now.  I’m putting off working on my novel to write this blog post.

The words on the page are mocking me.   They’re telling me that I need to take a break and figure it out, but I think they’re wrong.  I think I need to face this part of the chapter and kick its butt.  (Cue KAPOW cloud)  How am I ever going to get past it unless I start writing?

It’s important to write.  If I’m going to be a writer, I have to write!  There’s no getting around it.

There are a million excuses to keep us from writing:

  • “Well, the dishes are really piling up.”
  • “That laundry won’t fold itself.”
  • “That TV show looks really interesting…”
  • “I have to eat, don’t I?”

(Cue a shot of an unmanned computer)

Eventually all of this has to be done, yes.  Unfortunately, there aren’t little cleaning fairies to fold our laundry or wash our dishes.  Although, I must say, that would be the icing on the cake.   What I am saying is that these “excuses” can wait.  I do realize that children can’t wait, and they aren’t excuses by any means.  I may not have kids of my own, but I’m fortunate enough see my nieces and nephew every day.  I know how it is when they want me to hold them while they watch cartoons.  I set my writing aside, but when they run off again or nap, I need to be better about picking up my writing again and not using other “excuses” to avoid it.

Even if my novel and I aren’t on the best of terms that day, I need to face my fears of blank pages and mocking words; rejection and feelings of inadequacy; and JUST WRITE!

So, here’s me saying, I’m going to go and battle my novel now.  (Cue the ding ding)


6 thoughts on “A Battle With Writing

  1. I’m a terrible procrastinator, but I often find that if I have nothing else to do but what I’m supposed to be doing and no excuses, then I get even less done! I find the trick is to think of something even more difficult than writing that you need to do but REALLY don’t want to, that way you end up choosing writing as a way to procrastinate from that other thing!


  2. Great post and great photo (and great shoes in the photo)! I have been struggling through a tough scene today and I keep veering away to do other tasks (including blogging). What you said about facing fears is huge. I find when I’m seriously procrastinating it’s because I’m afraid of the scene that’s coming up. Today’s no exception. I also know the only way to get through it is to keep writing. And to give myself permission to write garbage, as long as I’m writing something.


    1. Thank you! My sister does a wonderful job with the photos! And, I just wish I could walk in those shoes without killing myself! 😉

      I have been struggling with the same thing today! I’m working on a chapter I’m unsure of, and I have done everything but work on it. I also struggle with letting myself write garbage. Logically I know it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s the revision that counts, even if it takes a couple of revisions to perfect. I just can’t let myself do it. I need to work on that.

      Thank you so much for commenting, and as always, it’s a pleasure chatting with you about writing!


      1. It’s a pleasure chatting with you, too Emerald! How funny that we’re both stuck. Perhaps we could write each other’s scenes?! I tiptoed a little deeper into mine this afternoon but then busied myself figuring out what to bring to my writing group tonight. I could have kept with my chosen four pages but, no, I had to scroll through several chapters and pick something else so I wouldn’t have to write that scene. I’ll get back to it tomorrow morning, though. Then I’ll set it aside for a long time and hope it holds up better than I think…


      2. I don’t think it would hurt at all to have you write my scene! I’m sure you would make a great improvement to it! I managed to get some writing done as well but stopped when I cooked supper for my family. Then afterwards, I decided I wanted to watch television. I plan on getting to it later on tonight. Sometimes I do my best writing around midnight as weird as that is. I’m hoping tomorrow is a better day for the both of us and that we can face our scenes head on! I hope your writing group went well too, by the way!


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