Finding Your Voice When You Think You’ve Lost It


Have you ever had the urge to write, but when you actually sit down to write you feel like you have nothing to say?

This is the first thing I’ve really written all week that didn’t have me scrambling to find the right words.  I’ve sat down with my laptop and stared at my novel.  I wrote a few sentences, stopped and set it aside for a while.  I did that with the novel I’m revising along with the short story I blogged about a few days ago.  After a few pages, I set it aside too.

I couldn’t find my writing voice.  Everything I wrote seemed wrong in some way or another, and it frustrated me.  So, I haven’t written much at all this week.

My wonderful parents and I celebrated father’s day this evening.  We all went shopping and out to eat.  My dad bought me a new writing journal before going out to eat.  (Love that man!)  While we were waiting for a table at Cracker Barrel, I was sitting in a rocking chair outside watching other customers walking around and listening to them talk.  Boredom drove me to pull out my new notebook and a pen I keep in my purse.  I cleared my mind, drowned out all of the sounds around me, and started writing.

This is what I came up with:

How do you find your writing voice?

  • Find a quiet place.  Away from everyone and all distractions.  (Or if you’re in public, try and ignore the sounds around you unless you’re people watching for interesting characters.)
  • Clear your mind.  Try not to focus on anything that you’ve got to do, want to do or should be doing.
  • Find a notebook.  Don’t use a laptop or other electronic device.  I find that that they only distract me further, and when I actually put pen to paper I am only focusing on writing.
  • Start writing.  Don’t worry about what you write.  Write your dreams, any ideas swimming around in your brain, whatever.  In essence, just write.


When I started writing this post on paper, I didn’t intend for it to be a post.  It was just me trying to figure out why I was having a hard time writing and trying to break free of the rut I’ve found myself in this week.  Hopefully, I’ve found my voice again and writing won’t seem like a forced chore I hate to do.

How do you find your voice when you feel like you’ve lost it?


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