Going Green for the Sake of Using These Bags!

Yesterday, my family took me out for my birthday.  And while we were shopping, we stopped at Barnes and Noble.  It is one of my favorite book stores, and as you can see, we didn’t leave empty handed.  My sister bought me the “To Kill a Mockingbird” bag because it is one of my absolute favorite books!  And, I couldn’t leave without buying the “Gone With the Wind” one either.  (Not to mention, my nieces had a fit over some books!  I’m proud they love books as much as I do!)

I’m not one for using reusable “green” bags because I tend to forget them when I go shopping, but these bags makes me want to use them everywhere I go!  How adorable are they?

I couldn’t resist posting these.  I don’t know if any of you have seen them or not, but I hadn’t until yesterday.  I’m very proud of these, and hopefully, I’ll remember to bring them shopping with me along with my bag from Books-A-Million I bought a few years ago that reads “Bread, Milk, Books and Eggs” like a grocery list, or something along those lines.  😉


4 thoughts on “Going Green for the Sake of Using These Bags!

  1. Happy birthday and hurray for literary totes! Both are great books, and–just so you can enjoy the anticipation–sometime in the next month I’m going to be interviewing an author whose great aunt was the motion picture agent for both of those authors, and she’s writing a book about her!


  2. Thank you! That is excellent! I look forward to that interview! 😀

    And yes, both are fantastic books! I could read To Kill A Mockingbird a hundred times over and never get bored. However, Gone with the Wind is just a little too long to read that much!


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