Tackling A Funeral to Crocheting a Blanket…A Week (or so) in Writing

Since I started the 100 words for a 100 days I have written a total of 7466 words.  That’s 12 days worth of writing.  It’s not a huge number of words, and I could definitely do better.  That’s for sure.

This revision of my WIP is killing me!  Leanne Baldwin of Rose City Scribe wrote a post called, The battle against Scenezilla.  It’s a witty take on facing a pivotal scene she had to write.  I was in the same boat as she was in writing my funeral scene, and if you want to read more about that read the comments between Anthony Lee Collins and me on my post “Round and Round We Go.”

I finally finished that chapter!  (Jumps up and down like a little girl!)  I am a lucky girl that my dad (a preacher) has a Pastor’s Guide for funerals, weddings, dedications, etc.  It really helped me out with coming up with the right Bible verses for the service.  I know the scene probably needs work, but that’s what revisions are for, right?  😉

So, now that that scene is tackled, I’m working on the last part of the novel.  The part where the  murderer is revealed and justice is served.

I’m also coming up with ideas for a YA supernatural trilogy.  (I hope it’s a trilogy.   It may be only two books though.)  As far as that’s going, it’s just ideas (and very few of them at that).  I’m also trying to work on some short stories.

This is another one of my works in progress. 😉  (My niece crawled into my lap while I was working on it.)  I’m crocheting my first ever blanket!  I’m not usually a craftsy person.  My mom and sister have that title.  (Mom sews, appliques, and embroiders.  Sister does the same but makes hair bows too.)  This blanket was something I started a few years ago as a means to relax.  I have pulled it back out and hope to finish it when I’m not writing or when I need to gather my thoughts.

So, how are your works in progress coming along?

4 thoughts on “Tackling A Funeral to Crocheting a Blanket…A Week (or so) in Writing

  1. My knitting is slow going this week, but that’s probably because I have four projects under way and really want to be working on #5. The writing, though, is sailing along. I skipped out on my Scenezilla for a much-needed breather and found myself back in the beginning of the novel working forward. I realized Thursday night, at my novel-writing critique group meeting, if I want to submit half a novel in September, I better see what I have so far. And I’m hoping this’ll unlock what should happen in the scene that has tried to eat my brain. By shoring up some of those character details, I think I’ll be better equipped to defeat Scenezilla.


    1. I’m very glad that your writing is sailing along! And It sounds like you have a good idea on how to defeat Scenezilla. I hope it goes well and you defeat the monster that has been plaguing us all! 🙂 Thanks for commenting. I love seeing how people are progressing with their works!


  2. Yay for crochet! I have a bunch of old projects in the “started” stage in my closet. Sometimes they call my name, but I just close the closet door a little tighter. Guess I’m not ready to go back to them.

    My novel, on the other hand, is moving along. Battled a headache problem yesterday but managed to make the word count before collapsing into bed. Today, however is looking less promising…


    1. Haha. That’s how I felt about my blanket for two years. I oddly had the urge to crochet the other night and pulled it back out. I’m now wondering what I was thinking…

      I know the feeling about today looking less promising. Yesterday I managed a fairly good amount of words. I made it past my word count and had around 500 words. Today, I haven’t even written yet. Maybe I can write before crashing into bed tonight! Glad your novel’s moving along though, and I hope you make your word count today!


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