On Becoming a Nerd

David Tennant in Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars

I never saw it coming.  Seriously.  I always made fun of my dad for being a nerd.  (I guess that’s what I get for it.)  Then, one day, dad was watching Doctor Who.  The David Tennant episode, The Waters of Mars.  I got to thinking.  This isn’t so bad.  Maybe it’s not weird after all.  And thus began the transformation from semi-nerd to complete nerd.

I’m okay with it.  I’ve accepted my fate.

Now, I watch Doctor Who religiously.  Watch my dad’s crazy scifi movies on the

The Cast of TNT's new scifi show, Falling Skies

SyFy channel with him.  Find myself relating life in accordance to the guys from The Big Bang Theory.  My 2 1/2 year old niece even runs around saying “Bazinga!”  Buying scifi books.  I’m hopelessly addicted to TNT’s new scifi show, Falling Skies.

Zachary Levi in Chuck

I am addicted to technology.  (Does that make me a nerd?) I’m attracted to nerdy guys like Chuck.

I even have a shirt that says “Word to the Nerds” with a book and glasses on it.  It is my favorite shirt.  😉

Not that all of this particularly screams “NERD!”  It just relates to my nerdiness.

So, all the nerds out there!  Give me a shoutout!

Enjoy this video from The Big Bang Theory:  Sheldon in the Ball Pit


4 thoughts on “On Becoming a Nerd

  1. I loved watching the Sci-fi channel. It makes me sad I don’t have it on my television anymore. I’m not an official nerd because I know very little about technology. Put I’m definetly a writing/Broadway obsessed nerd. So from one nerd to another I’ll give you a shout out!!


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