What the world needs is more #hashtags

I’ve recently begun tweeting more.  It’s addictive and useful, and I’ve met a lot of cool people who are always promoting their books.  Ok, not always.  Anyway, I digress.  I want to hashtag everything!  (Not really everything.)  #itseemsliketherightthingtodo #justsaying

I hashtag things on Facebook at times, and trust me, my friends don’t like that.

–          Why are you adding hashtags?  This isn’t twitter you weirdo.

–          I can’t help it!  It’s just so COOL.

*Not an actual conversation…

Actually, it went something like this.

–          Writer of status: This isn’t twitter quit adding the # to everything, stupid.

–          My comment: My #facebook is linked to my #twitter account, dummy.  #dealwithit

–          Writer of status: …Delete crazy writer chick…

*Actually, that’s a lie too…  (I was, unfortunately, much nicer.)

But, if life had more hashtags, like a little cloud with the #amwriting, we’d be like ‘Hey! That’s a writer!’  Or if you see #amediting.  ‘Lock away the children!  They’re mad!’ might be heard.

We’d know what kind of TV shows, music, and movies people are into.  If you’ve seen my tweets lately, especially from Sunday night (Central time), you’d know that I was holding a conversation about #FallingSkies season finale with more #FallingSkies fans.  And reading the stars of the show’s tweets under the hashtag #fschat.

Also, we’d all know that we #blog; where to buy our #books or #ebooks, say on #kindle, #amazon, #smashwords; know that #WW means you’re a writer and it’s Wednesday or it’s Wine Wednesday.  (I guess you’d be able to tell the difference. ;))  You get the point.

If I had a hashtag cloud, maybe it’d be something like this… “#amwritingmynewWIP” or “#dreadeditingmypreviousWIP”

What’s your hashtag cloud sayin’?


4 thoughts on “What the world needs is more #hashtags

  1. I would have to do some research to even know what a “hashtag” is, I’m afraid. 🙂

    I do visit facebook sometimes, mostly when there’s nothing else going on, and I find I do add “@” to people’s names even when I’m not on Facebook, so maybe that’s similar.

    Or maybe not.


    1. haha…
      If I’m blogging, sometimes I find myself adding the ‘@’ symbol in order to talk to someone. But then again, Twitter has that option too. I do it more in Twitter than on Facebook because I don’t always post a lot about people or pages on Facebook in my statuses. 🙂 I can see the similarities though. 🙂


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