Apple Pickin’

This morning I had the pleasure of helping my sister take her two oldest kids, my lovely nieces, to pick apples, squash, cantaloupes and some other vegetables in my grandpa’s garden.  They were so excited!  It was great to see them so happy and running around outside picking vegetables. Being an auntie, I couldn’t help but snap some pictures.  So, instead of blogging about writing like I had planned, I wanted to share some photos of my nieces and nephew.

Stormie and her green "B-Mato"
Pickin' Bell Peppers with Great-Grandpa or (Pop-Pop)
Stormie and Pop-Pop
Chloe-bug rocking the shades
Chloe and Stormie in the apple tree
Getting into Pop-Pop's flower bed

Since Eli couldn’t be with us.  I still want to put a picture of him. He’s in his Doctor Who onesie as I call it.  🙂

Eli in his "Doctor Who" onesie

On a side note, if you head over Spencer Brokaw’s blog, you can find one of my short stories, “Peppermints and Murder.”   (It’s in two parts so make sure to read them in the correct order.)


4 thoughts on “Apple Pickin’

    1. They are lovely. The only kids I can handle right now are my nieces and nephew. I tried the babysitting thing. It wasn’t really for me. haha But yes, watching them play is amazing and so incredibly adorable!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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