The Shewolf

This is new to me.  I don’t usually write about werewolves and vampires.  I stick to actual humans.  A few months ago, I had an awesome dream that inspired a vampire/werewolf, hopefully, trilogy.  (And no, my vampires don’t sparkle.  They murder innocent people and use humans as food and for their personal agendas.  You know, typical vampire behavior.)  This flash fiction piece was born as the legend of the werewolves in my novels.  I hope you enjoy.  Feedback and comments are always welcome.  🙂 



It was a cold, January night.  The full moon shone brightly overhead against the night sky.  The stars paled in comparison to the moon—that beautiful moon that seemed to fuel me with more power.  I stripped of my clothing, and with a long howl, I changed forms.  The heavy white fur warmed me instantly, and I ran as fast and as hard as I could.  I’d never felt freer than when I became what I truly was.  My human form only held me back.  It was this form—the form of the wolf—that made me feel alive and happy.

I caught a scent in the air.  Humans.  I stopped and ran the other way.  They were always messing up my runs.  They thought they would catch witches out here on full moons, practicing their voodoo magic.  The witches were smarter than that though.  They wouldn’t be caught but nor would I.

I ran even harder; my tongue flopped out of my mouth.  I caught the scent of an animal along the river but kept running.  I didn’t want to kill.  I just wanted to be free, but if they caught me—I shivered at the thought.

I knew what they did to people who practiced magic.  They burned them.  But this wasn’t practiced magic.  This was something I was born with.  This was something that happened to me when I turned eighteen.  I’d changed the eve of my eighteenth birthday a few years ago.  I was terrified at first, but it was the most powerful, most wonderful thing I’d ever experienced.  I didn’t know how it came about.  Maybe it was something in the water.  Maybe it was God-given, or maybe it was evil.  Either way, I welcomed it.  Even if I was the only one.

I found a cave, ran in, and crouched into a fighting position as far away from the entrance as possible.  I didn’t want to spend my night hiding from hunters, but I didn’t have any other choice.  They couldn’t find out who I really was.

I sniffed the air.  They were closer now.  I stopped the low grumble threatening to escape.  I heard their voices before I saw their torches.  They mumbled something about checking the cave.  My body tensed, and I prepared for a fight.  One of them stuck their head inside the cave and waved the torch about wildly, searching.  When he saw me, he yelled, “A wolf!”

When I saw who he was, I howled—my husband’s brother.

He pulled his sword and came at me.  The men yelled at the wild beast threatening to attack them.  I growled in hope that it’d scare them away.  I couldn’t kill him.  But they stood their ground, ready to defend their lands and families.  I wouldn’t hurt them.  I’d never intentionally kill a human.

I advanced toward them, and luckily, they backed away.  I made it out of the cave and into the open.  They shouted at me, shouted at each other.  They had blood on their minds, and they wanted mine.

“Get it!” my brother-in-law shouted.

I ran.  I could endure longer than them, and I hoped that they gave up on chasing me soon.  It started snowing, and I was sure that they would turn away then, but they didn’t.  They continued after me.

I was just a wolf.  They knew wolves exited, so why were they adamant about chasing me?  I sped up.  My only thought was to lose them.  It was the only choice I had for all of us to live our lives peacefully.  I had kids to get home to.

I ducked into the dense woods and dodged trees as I ran.  I couldn’t hear them behind me, so I rested and listened.  I sniffed their air.  Nothing.  They had lost track of me.  I walked to the babbling brook and took a long drink of the freezing cold water.  A twig snapped behind me.

I turned around to face a hunter.  His sword was drawn, and he trembled.  I howled, but he stood his ground, even if he was shaking.  I didn’t want to risk running through the ice cold water.

He advanced on me, but I didn’t move.  Neither one of us should have to die tonight.

His sword barely missed me as I jumped out of the way.  I growled again.  I just wanted to scare him away.  I didn’t want to fight him.

He came at me again.  I jumped at him in hopes to terrify him.  His friends came up behind us, yelling.  They circled me; I howled again.   I backed up as far as I could and ran.  I jumped over the men.  One of them raised their sword and cut off my paw.  I howled loudly, and I crashed to the earth.

I landed in the freshly fallen snow; my nakedness exposed, and my body shivered.  I cried and screamed as I tried to stop the bleeding.  Soon, my pain gave way to the darkness.


I woke in a dark cellar.  The hay I laid on smelled like urine and feces, and the stump where my hand used to be was covered in gauze.  I knew what that meant for me.  I would be burned at the stake for practicing black magic.

They won’t let me see my kids.  They were so young.  They needed a mother.  I wasn’t a witch.  I was an animal.  There was a difference.  I didn’t ask for this.  They didn’t believe me.  They thought I sold my soul to the devil.  I’d never met him.  They still didn’t believe me.


The next day I was bound and dragged to the stake, screaming that I was innocent.  Still, no one believed me.  I had the bandaged stump as proof that they cut off the hand of a witch who could turn herself into a wolf.

They tied me to a stake and lit the fire.  The smell of burning wood caressed my nose as it licked at my feet.  The crowd called for justice.  My kids watched from the balcony of the elder’s hall, and they cried. I yelled and screamed at the elders, but they didn’t listen to my pleading. Instead of watching my children suffer, I turned into the wolf I was and ran— ran away from my children, my husband, my home.


9/14/17 Update:

You can now purchase The Marked and The Hunted to read more about my Shewolves and vampires!


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