Book Review: Eden by Janelle Stalder

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I recently had the opportunity to read a not-yet released novel by Janelle Stalder.  I was glad of the opportunity because it’s a great book!

In “Eden,” we follow Aiden, a young man in high school who can’t seem to make in through high school one day without something going wrong.  He’s not popular, is new, has a crush on one of the prettiest girls in his school who sometimes acts like she likes him back but then again, he isn’t sure, and  he finds an “enemy” who won’t let him make it through one day without starting a fight with him in some form.

One night, Aiden is pulled out of his sleep by a bright light and chanting in his backyard.  He runs down to see what is going on and is pulled into a new world, Eden.  There he’s told that he’s the brave warrior who will lead their King’s army to victory.  He quickly denies it, admitting that he isn’t a warrior at all.  He’s weak and just a teenage boy.  Not a warrior.

Aiden meets Elisa, one of the most beautiful girls he’s ever laid eyes upon.  He then meets Wolf, Logan, and Felix.  Unlikely people who quickly become his good friends.

In Eden, he learns how to fight for the High King’s army and takes place in a battle that he will never forget.  He grows and learns things about himself that he couldn’t fathom.  He is a new person.

The author pulls us into their world, and by the time the book is over, we want to go back.  Go back to Eden and relive the experiences again.

There are times when the dialogue and parts of the story feel forced, and the beginning feels a bit slow.  But rest assured the book is great.  Once you find yourself living vicariously through these characters’ lives, you don’t want to leave Eden.  I was reminded of Narnia throughout reading which is a plus since I’m a huge Narnia fan.

I can honestly say that this debut novel is worth a read, and I can easily recommend it to YA readers and fantasy readers alike.  I expect great things from this author.

I cannot wait for the next installment.  And luckily, the author has told me that she will send me the next book after she’s done editing.  I cannot tell you how excited I am. 😀

So, when it’s released, I recommend going to buy a copy.  You won’t be disappointed.  Unfortunately, the book hasn’t been given an exact release date, but she believes it will be in the fall sometime.  It will be available on the websites for Chapters, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and as an ebook through Kobo and Kindle.  There will be three more books in the series as well.  I will update you further when she knows more and lets me know what she knows.

Book Blurb taken from Goodreads :

Stuck in the cruel world of hormones and high school bullies, Aiden is convinced life has something more to offer. A stranger soon brings him to a world that co-exists alongside our own called Eden. Here he will learn to trust himself and those around him, as all of Eden finds itself on the brink of war. With the handsome rider Wolf, his sidekick Logan, and the beautiful archer Elisa at his side, Aiden will battle to save Eden and learn just what he is capable of.
Being the only girl in the King’s Army, and the Captain’s daughter, Elisa constantly feels the need to prove herself. It doesn’t help that she is betrothed to Wolf, who challenges her at every turn, and who she refuses to marry. With the new stranger, Aiden, now involved, Elisa finds her life even more confusing than ever.
Rose is a prisoner of the war, taken by the army from the North. Her captor, the exiled Prince Callum, intrigues her and terrifies her all at the same time. Now she must choose to either betray her heart, or the memory of her family.
Eden is packed full of romance, adventure, humour, and action.

You can follow Janelle on Goodreads here.  You can like her facebook page, follow her on twitter, and read her blog as well.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Eden by Janelle Stalder

  1. As a follow up: I had this prepared to go already and forgot to add this in. This is one of those books where when you’re through reading it, you miss the characters. Last night, it was odd not reading about these characters. I already miss them. 😉


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