Bang Head Here?

Over my cup of Hazelnut coffee this morning, I started thinking about my writing projects (along with trying to figure out why I dreamed about running around trying to find a battle axe).  That’s right. Projects!  I have decided to start two of them at the same time!  Wonder if I’ll be able to keep my head on straight after this one though!

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My first project is, well, not going so well.  I’m trying a new outlining thing, trying to figure out how many points of views I want, and whether or not to use first or third person (which this part relies on the second ‘figuring’ out stage).  Also, I may be having a hard time writing this because it’s my first time really giving outlining a go and it’s my first time with the paranormal subgenre of YA.  My second project is like the sixth edit of my first novel.  I suppose I should say rewrite because it wasn’t right to start with.

There are a lot of arguments about whether or not to work on multiple projects or not.  I was reading Anthony Lee Collin’s blog the other day and in his post the weight of published words he discusses not only publishing a series but also of having multiple projects going at the same time.  He states:

On another topic, at one point, when I was about halfway through U-town, I stopped for a period of a couple of years, since I had hit a snag that I couldn’t figure out how to solve. It wasn’t “writer’s block,” it was a problem that took time to work through. And I did keep busy during that time (that’s when I started reviewing movies, for example). Because it’s always a good idea* to have two projects going at once.

* “a good idea” is a post by Maggie Madly Writing: Two Is Better Than One.  Here she describes fantastic reasons to work on multiple projects which I’m coming to agree with.

See, yesterday as I was writing, I got stuck in my paranormal story.  I had nothing else to work on besides a few short stories that I didn’t really feel like working on at that time.  So, I broke out my other work.  My second project as we’ll call it.  I read through the current draft and wrote down a few notes about how I want to change it in the new edits.  Then I went back to my first project because I had a chance to think about where I was stuck.

On the other hand, there are arguments against it.  (And I use the word argument loosely here.)  You need to head on over to Tamara Paulin’s blog and read her post 10 reasons not to start a new writing project.  And this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with multiple projects at the same time until you get into the comments.  (It’s still a fantastic read though so don’t skip over it!  Give Tamara some love and visit her blog!)

She makes some good points about not starting a new project, and normally I would agree.  This time, however, I’m not going to.  I’m arguing for multiple projects!  So what if vampires and werewolves make their way into a suspense story.  It’ll just make it that much more interesting, right?

Nah – I’m pretty sure I can keep my stories apart…well, I’m hoping so-

Are you for it or against it?  Does the thought of multiple projects make you want to bang your head against the wall?


13 thoughts on “Bang Head Here?

  1. Thanks for the love! I think you’ll keep your stories straight. The only thing I have problems with remembering is when I cut something out. If I change it, I’ll remember the new version clearly. But cutting doesn’t stick in my head so well, and when I read the new version, I’m sometimes surprised by what’s missing. It’s made me think twice about writing something that might need to be cut later. 🙂


  2. janachantel

    I’m on the fence about it. I’ve started two projects a collection of personal essays and a novel. But I found that I’ve given my collection of personal essays more of my attention than the novel and it felt like I was working on one project instead of two. But I guess it’s all about balance. It works for some writers more than others.

    By the way, I love that picture 🙂

    I’ll appreciate it if you checked out my blog it’s about me trying to become a successful published author. And please feel free to subscribe!


    1. I loved it when I came across it. I’ve had many days where I needed that! 🙂

      It is all about balance, and let’s face it, there are projects that are priority to us and there are the “Oh, I’ll just work a on this one while I meditate on the other one” projects. That’s what I’ve come to realize anyway. That’s pretty much what’s happening with my work at the moment.

      Anyway, I’ve been looking around your blog and congrats on publishing. I self-published my novella through CreateSpace, and I’ve enjoyed the self-publishing aspect. Well, mostly. The promoting is at times difficult. 😉 Either way, good luck with your writing.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing. 🙂


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  4. Jennifer J Randolph

    Oops, thought I commented earlier. I am sure you will do fine, just keep using those index cards and try to block out the memories of bad speeches from 8th grade.


  5. I’m definitely a one-project person, so I’ll be excited to hear more about how you’re balancing two at once. I have to say with knitting I’m more like a six-project person. It’s sort of like what you’re talking about, toggling back and forth depending on mood and circumstance and where the energy is.


    1. That is a very good comparison! Six though? Wow. I’m in awe. Speaking of knitting, I’ve tried it, but I haven’t given it enough time to really figure out what I’m doing. I can see how relaxing it would be if only I’ll ever just sit down and do it!


  6. Thanks for the link. I’m glad my post (and Maggie’s post, really) sparked off some thoughts.

    The key part of Maggie’s advice for me is that the two projects can’t be at the same stage. One in first draft, the other in rewrite, that works well. Starting two different novels at the same time, that would be… well, I’m not going to say impossible, but it would be impossible for me at least.

    Oh, and Tamara, if there’s a really good scene that I need to cut, I always save it and sometimes I post it on my blog afterwards. Like the “Deleted Scenes” on some DVDs.


    1. Me too! Luckily for me, my two projects are in somewhat different stages. Although my second project has been written for a couple of years, it needs one of those EXTREME makeovers. Right now, I’m just reading through it and jotting down ideas when I get stuck in my first project. I guess I’ll how it goes though. I may have to revert back to one project and a few short stories at a time. 😉

      And I love the idea of those scenes being like “Deleted Scenes” from a DVD. 🙂


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