September 11, 2001: A Time Forever Etched into Our Hearts

I remember the day this happened.  I was in ninth grade.  You know, my world was all high school.  Nothing could burst my bubble.  My Geography/Mississippi Studies teacher at the time was reading about it on the internet.  He told us what happened, but none of us understood, or cared really, the implication of what was happening.  He yelled at us.  Telling us in only a way that he could at the time, that we should care what was happening.  Terrorists had invaded our home, had killed our people.

I went home that evening and watched the news with my parents.  We watched the death tolls rise; firefighters and police officers pulling people out of the rubble.  We watched the videos of the planes flying into the twin towers.  And I knew that even though I live in Mississippi, this affected ALL of us because we are all “One nation under God.”

We didn’t suffer just this one day.  Our service men have been fighting continuously since the day of the attacks.  And we owe them our thanks.  So, thank you.  If you have served in our military, I thank you for keeping us safe and risking your life for us.  Past or present.  In this war or another.  I thank you.

For more reading about the September 11 attacks, head to Laura Stanfill’s blog and please read her post.


4 thoughts on “September 11, 2001: A Time Forever Etched into Our Hearts

  1. Lovely post, Emerald. I was thinking today, after reading a post by a mom of a 3-year-old, how different I was a decade ago as a 20-something road tripping adventurer. It was great to read your perspective about being in high school and how your teacher was so adamant about the impact of what had happened. I was in middle school when the Challenger exploded, and that’s the watershed event I remember in a similar way–learning about a tragedy at school and having teachers help us navigate through what it actually meant.


    1. I feel like such an immature child remembering that day now. I knew what they were saying, but as I said, my world was the high school I was in. It wasn’t until that evening did I realize the important nature of what was happening. That teacher he is still one of my favorites from high school, and I appreciate how much he patriotism he showed during that time.


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