Hanz Moniefiero Medina discusses His Controversial E-Book, I’m Prohibited

Hanz Moniefiero Medina

Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi! Thank you for interviewing me. It sure is difficult to introduce oneself. Well, I’m Hanz Moniefiero Medina. I’m into the arts such as contemporary dancing, Opera singing, perfume designing and of course, writing.

What is your e-book, I’m Prohibited, about, and when will it be released? 

It’s about three real life stories from myself and my two other friends then. I had it all written down in my journal back then.  Once, when I moved, I happened find this almost ragged book which I only recognized later that it’s my journal. I sat down and browsed, boy, it was sure hard – Beyond belief!

I’m Prohibited is about the abused and neglected. An exemplary novel that no one should be afraid to speak out the truth of what happened. To narrow down a little, It’s about domestic abuse, sheer neglect and merciless rape.

I had combined the three life stories into one fictional character called Syd but the story line and names of the other characters in the e-book has been changed only on how it’s spelled. So I would say it’s a biography/non-fiction e-book.

I have to admit too that to follow a proper story line, I had to find a way to fill in the gaps to make the novel smooth sailing in reading. Since it was also re-written many times, I had to sugar-coat it for I think it would not be fair to readers to read the heavy content. I want readers to be at a point of being able to reflect and appreciate without having them to be traumatized, so, sugar-coating, was to me, important.

‘I’m Prohibited’ is out on Smashwords now. (Do leave your reviews) Soon on Amazon. I really hope I receive the support cause I would also like to donate to a selected charity when I raise enough.

You said that it was controversial.  How so?

"I'm Prohibited" Book Cover

For the past year, I had put it up on publishizer.com as a sample reading. The response was mixed. On extreme end, many said that I was looking for attention and everything was a lie etc etc, but on the extreme end, many sympathized with the story as they felt the way I write was nothing more than honest and sheer pain writing, and you would not believe this, readers painstakingly looked for me on facebook and some on email and signed off as ‘Anonymous’. Many of them told me how much the sample reading alone has a lot of similarities to their lives but never be able to say it out due to sheer embarrassment on themselves (these are victims) and family and even threats.

Many also have said that it opened their eyes wide and starting to be more conscious starting with their loved ones for any signs of disturbances (Overwhelming that my message is finally coming across). The best part, they were from different parts of the world! The feeling was overwhelming, really, for so many people responded, though, anonymously. Everyone needs their own time and It took me almost 6 years now.

I also want to move individuals away from suicidal thoughts. Just look at the recent news. This e-book is also dedicated to them

What was your inspiration for this e-book?

My subconscious, the two friends I wrote about in my book journal including myself and a nudge from a friend that I should let this book out to send a message to create awareness for the abused and neglected.

I was offered twice to have this released but I didn’t agree on the offered terms, so I decided to do it on my own with my friends help, Guy Vincent.

This is based on real events that happened to you and people you know.  How emotional was that for you to hear and write about?

It was definitely hard to the extreme of having to rewrite it for the past five years, putting it away, feeling guilty for putting it away and getting back on it, over and over again and sleepless nights.

I felt that no human being is ready for such truth and I had to face the many nightmares of my past and constantly empathized to my two other friends (whom one of them had passed on from suicide and mental instability) and feeling their pain to such extreme by just reading my journal entries on what I have recorded from what they have told me (yes, I had them all down and tracked my journal entries to properly come up with the e-book, I’m Prohibited, I also realized that for any truth, it’s controversial. Many times I contemplated to dump this project but at the back of my mind, I’ll regret if I don’t put this out and I wont be able to be a part of making humanity better or do justice to myself, my two friends and the victims out there still in silent.

You have donated proceeds to a charity based on the pre-release of your e-book.  How was that for you?  Was it something you felt you had to do based on the nature of the e-book? 

Most definitely. Though it only sold 8 among the 27 thousand members!

It was a tad disheartening to say the least. I expected it to do well since most of the proceeds won’t go to me but it probably also posted on a site that’s not the target market, where only shoppers want to shop.

Yes I had to pay-it-forward in some ways for, one, when the universe, god, or however you want to put it, what you learnt should not be kept it to oneself but to also share and educate which I feel is an epitome for a better humanity that we are in right now.

I also have book 2 in the works where it’s going to be more detailed and explicit, hopefully will be out before Christmas.

You can visit Hanz Moniefiero Medina’s facebook page for more about I’m Prohibited.  Or you can watch the video. 


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