Trick or Treat: A Scary (yet true) Tale of Portage Burial Ground by Paranormal Author Micheal Rivers

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting paranormal author, Micheal Rivers, during the Come Back to Me Launch along with other fantastic authors.  Micheal doesn’t only write about the paranormal, he lives it.  He is a paranormal investigator, and he agreed to share a story with us about an experience he’s had and how his investigating impacts his writing. 

Thanks for taking part of Halloween week on my blog, Micheal.  And Happy Halloween to all!

The Burial Ground

It’s Halloween and soon the Witch’s Sabbat will come to order. Through the centuries this has been a time for the gathering of those who cast their spells on unsuspecting people with impunity.

Witches are not the only unhallowed visitors for us to deal with. There are specters, spirits, poltergeist, unseen hands imprisoning you as you try to sleep. Can you feel the cold chill of lifeless fingers encircling your throat slowly stealing your breath, your essence of life, taken from you like a thief in the night?

Portage Burial Grounds

You should take care and hold your loved ones close to you. This is a story that will encourage you to beware, for the spirits never sleep. They are forever with us and seldom silent.

In the forest of Portage, Indiana stands a small plot of ground with an ancient past. The darkness comes to life as you enter this land of the dead. Watching every step, I and another investigator found our way into this world where visitors are not welcome.

Once we left the bridge and descended into the darkness below, strange sounds assaulted our ears, subtle in the beginning, and yet very close at hand. The sounds were not manmade, nor were there any animals, and yet they were akin to whispers in the night all about them.

Our camera flashed in every direction. The faint light of the moon above us gave little if any comfort or light for us to identify which direction we were heading.

It made it so easy for the ghostly sounds to lead us in one direction after another, toying with our senses. We discussed the history of the property and found small unmarked trails to venture down. This was a mistake for the both of us!

What lurks in the bushes in the Portage Burial Grounds?

Twenty yards from the bridge and deeper into the forest the air about us changed. It was heavy and laden with suppressed feelings of loneliness and anger. The greatest burden of all was the sudden rushes of damp, lingering forms gliding by us, pressing against our clothing, or touching us from behind.

We approached a deformed tree barring our path to the land and water beyond. Crossing beneath the tree and further into the brush we discovered a clearing with strange markings and a feeling, an indefinable, knowing deep inside of us we were trespassing in a place where the dead were the masters.

We knew something was wrong here. We were not alone and every turn brought undeniable new feelings of dread. I decided to try using my native language to draw the apparitions to me in hopes of getting photographs of them. Knowing the land was the burial ground for the Native American dead I called out to them.

The next few minutes brought caution into our hearts. The forest about us became alive with sights and sounds as we had never witnessed before. The sounds of men running toward us made us turn. Our flashlights shown on the brush gave no sight to a human figure, but the brush parted in its wake as the figures passed us.

Close up of what lurks in the bushes of the Portage Burial Grounds.

Distant voices of a language foreign to us and the faint sounds of drumming came from everywhere at once. I tried to move forward while my partner began his retreat from a ghostly hell.

Moving toward the water I spoke to the spirits again in my native tongue. The air above us became as a living thing, and still invisible to our eyes. The crash of a huge object hitting the water in front of me turned our attention. In the beginning we could see nothing, by moving a few feet to our right all became visible to us.

Fiery balls of green light about five inches in diameter were coursing through the air landing in the water with a great force sending water two feet into the air. They came hurtling from the trees and then from thin air being tossed by something who held a great anger within them.

We moved off and retreated toward the bridge closely followed by the spirits of the burial grounds. Ten feet from the trail to climb back to the bridge there was no doubt something unseen was very close and very dangerous.

Quickly we mounted the trail to the bridge and stopped. Our camera which had shown to be dead suddenly was working again after reaching the end of the bridge. All seemed peaceful in the beginning. My partner knew he was being followed. The feeling was intense.

Reaching his home he was badly shaken by his experience. He prayed he had not brought something from the burial ground home with him. The next morning after he had taken his shower, he was stepping from the shower when both handles for the water in the sink came on before his eyes. Toilets flushed, seemingly on their own volition!

Grove Cemetary

I witnessed cabinet doors opening on their own and reopening after I had clicked them tightly closed.

The sights and sounds of this burial ground are not for the faint of heart. When you visit these grounds it will be forever ingrained within your soul.

I have been asked on many occasions if my investigations of the paranormal influence my writing. There are two sets of letters for me. I have, and will continue to write true experiences of my investigations for people to read. I give them the facts as I experienced them, or have more than one very reliable source. (Such as priests or other notable persons)

The other side of the coin is almost as thrilling as a live hunt. When you incorporate a story involving the paranormal and the fictional experience, it is sheer entertainment with a touch of what can really happen behind the scenes.

The paranormal is real, and yet it is not hard to add a hard bite to the story to make it a page turner that I want to share

Close up of Wolf and Cherub in Cemetary

with everyone. The number of experiences I have had is remarkable at best. It has brought me to an understanding of a world other than what we wake up to in the morning. This being said there is still so much to learn from the findings I have no answers for.

I do not write gore, but I do write what I feel is psychologically challenging to the emotions of man.

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16 thoughts on “Trick or Treat: A Scary (yet true) Tale of Portage Burial Ground by Paranormal Author Micheal Rivers

  1. Nice scary tale, reminds me of being a kid around the night campfire when the parents would start telling ghost stories (meant to drive us youngsters into our sleeping bags, so that they could enjoy quality adult time). Thanks!


    1. Thanks Peter, I have a lot of photos from that night that are unusual, wish I had been able to show a few more to everyone. When left there after the second trip we stopped by Wolf Mansion which is close by. Also a good haunted location.


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