Come Back to Me: Review of Melissa Foster’s Highly-Anticipated Third Novel

With NaNoWriMo beginning, there are people who will be locked away from the world starting that great piece of   literature we have to write in a month.  We won’t leave our cubby holes for the next month, but if NaNoWriMo gets too much to handle, and you need to turn to something truly inspirational, look no further.  Melissa Foster’s third and highly-anticipated novel, Come Back to Me, is here.  Today marks the #99centbookevent you might’ve seen on twitter.  The Come Back to Me Launch Party has begun!  Today through November 3, there will be giveaways and e-books priced at $.99 on Amazon by 36 amazing authors that have become my friends along our journey together of promoting this launch.

I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC copy in e-book format since I am part of the Launch Party.  I must say, after reading Megan’s Way by Melissa Foster, I was anxious to see what Melissa had in store for Come Back to Me.   I loved Megan’s Way, but I loved Come Back to Me even more.

Come Back to Me is a story of loss, love and loyalties.  When Beau leaves for Iraq as part of a photography assignment, he promises Tess he will come back to her, and when Tess hears the news of Beau’s death, she holds tight to that promise.  She refuses to give up on him and doesn’t believe he’s dead, especially when she is carrying their child.  But when she meets Louie and at the insistence of her family and friends, she doesn’t know whether to give up on Beau and move on with her life or still hold him to his promise of returning.

Beau wakes up in the middle of the desert in Iraq with two Iraqi women mending him back to health.   He doesn’t know how he will get home, nor does he know if he’ll survive the trip with the women to get out of Iraq.  What he does know is that he isn’t giving up on going back home to Tess.  She is what keeps him going.

Does Tess give up on Beau?  Does Beau make it back home?  What happens to these characters?  I think these are answers you should find out on your own when you read, Come Back to Me.

I’m not lying when I say that I lost sleep the week I was reading this book.  I stayed up way too late trying to find out what happened next.  I neglected my own writing in order to read the tale woven by Melissa.

I can honestly say you won’t regret reading this book.  Please.  Buy a copy now, and check out what other books are only 99cents.  There are some great authors featured in this launch.  For more information check The WoMen’s Literary Café.


5 thoughts on “Come Back to Me: Review of Melissa Foster’s Highly-Anticipated Third Novel

  1. This story of never-ending love and heartbreak has really made me cry and made me feel moved. When Beau, Tess’s husband, goes to Iraq to work as a photographer, and he disappears, Tess’s world will change forever. Will she be able to accept her loss? Will she be able to move on?


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