They Speak!

Recently, a good friend, Stacy Eaton, asked if I (and a few others in our lovely WLC group) wanted to do a character interview.  My first thoughts were, “Heck yeah!  How awesome would that be?!”

At first, I wrote a character summary through Kandi’s POV and then Stacy sent me some questions to answer.  It wasn’t easy.  Writing about a character and writing through a character’s eyes shouldn’t be too different, but it is.  I was constantly thinking, “Is this how Kandi talks, acts?  Is this how she would say something?”

I think every writer should do at least one character interview.  It helped me see Kandi in a different light.  So, I hope you all think I did Kandi justice and enjoy the interview with her!  She’s one of my favorites.  (Don’t tell the others!)  🙂


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