The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword (Or so I’m told)

Today I had the pleasure of doing a guest post for the author of Eternal Beginnings, Christine Cunnigham.

I discussed editing.  I thought it was fitting since we’re nearing the end of November and all those NaNoWriMo folks will be editing their novels.  Also, it’s pretty important to me as well as I will be editing, Read Me Dead, again come the beginning of the New Year (if I can finish my current WIP by then).

So, stop on by, support Christine’s blog, and maybe leave a comment.  😉

Hope you all are having a great pre-Thanksgiving weekend.  And come Tuesday, I have a special guest post to share with you by a good friend and fantastic author, Dalya Moon.   (PS, she’s quickly becoming one of my favorite YA authors.)

2 thoughts on “The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword (Or so I’m told)

  1. Good post. I especially agree with taking a break. I saw a post recently where someone recommended a week or two. I find it needs to be longer, at least for me.

    I always cite Joyce Carol Oates, who said she always lets a book sit in a drawer for at least a year before starting revisions. And she’s written over 50 novels (and many other types of books), so obviously this hasn’t slowed down her production any. 🙂


    1. Thank you! I agree. I have to get my mind on some other book before I can edit mine properly. I didn’t do that Piercing Through the Darkness and I regret that, but Read Me Dead has been finished for a few months now. I think I’m going to try to go back to it come the New Year. My mind has been on and is still on the series I’m working on, so I think it’s safe to return to it. And I like what Joyce Carol Oates said, and it definitely hasn’t slowed down her production any! 😉


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