Author Wendy Young discusses the release of her second novel, Red Sky Warning

It is with great pleasure that I introduce a talented author, Wendy Young.  I read her debut novel, Come the Shadows, eagerly, and when I received an ARC copy of Red Sky Warning, I devoured it in a week (which with my busy schedule is amazing for me to do anymore).  I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy in the Come Back to Me Launch, and I am so excited she agreed to visit the blog for an interview!

Welcome, Wendy!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a work-at-home Mom living in the beautiful state of Tennessee. I’ve been writing since elementary school and love telling stories. My day is a mix of work, 2 year old, writing, and doing my best to spend time with my husband. It’s crazy at times but I can’t function without chaos and stress, it seems.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer and published author?

It’s been a long process. For the longest time I just wrote. Occasionally I would toy with the idea of how nice it would be to transition to Author but I didn’t start pursuing it until my 30th birthday. Even then, the novel I started that day remains unfinished. Things really picked up this year when I began to read about the e-pub revolution for authors and in spring, again inspired by my birthday, I decided to pursue my writing seriously. Here we are!

How did you decide to go the self-publishing route?

I did my research and the more I read about self-publishing the more I liked. I didn’t like the thought that (if I went the

First in the Cambell Creek Mysteries

traditional route) once I made it through the brutal query process it could still be a year or more before a book hit the shelves (if it ever did) and then I’d make a tiny percent, still have to market it largely myself, and so on and so on. There were far more pros to doing it myself (even though it can be really hard work!) that I knew what my route would be before I even started Come the Shadows. I’ve not regretted it!

Do you write in any other genre?  Or plan on it in the future?

My short story “One Final Night” is a drama and I’d love to write that more dramatic pieces in the future. There is one character I’ve already established in Come the Shadows that I think would be wonderful for a literary/women’s fiction novel or two but we’ll see! I have also toyed with the thought of a Will & Laura short story or two that may have a more romance and/or dramatic focus instead of being centered around a mystery that needs to be solved. I have dabbled in just about every type of writing so far and I rule nothing out.

Where did the inspiration for your Campbell Creek Mysteries come from?  How many books can we expect in the series?

This story will be a trilogy but even then I’m can’t say it’s the end for Campbell Creek…

The inspiration has many facets to it. The murder that starts it all comes from a spec script I wrote for the show Bones a few years ago. The North Carolina setting comes from another script. Will and Laura’s marriage is similar to mine, though they as individuals definitely are NOT the two of us…  The twists really didn’t come from anything I can put my finger on. Most of it just came out while writing.

Red Sky Warning picks up where Come the Shadows leaves off.  What can we expect to see in Red Sky Warning?

Second Installment of the Campbell Creek mysteries

A lot more action, for one thing!  If the theme of the first novel was that bad things have come to their town then the theme for the second would be that those things are here, they’re really bad, and they’re very, very dangerous.  I don’t want to spoil but I will say the characters are uncomfortably close to the action and it’s unrelenting. More than one foe returns and both Will and Laura have to face things in their own ways.

Your main characters, Laura and Will, have a strong marriage.  That’s a nice and refreshing change.  What made you decide to go with that instead of throwing them into more chaos?

I think the inspiration for that lies in both my own marriage and my stubborn nature. Before I got married my (now) husband would grouse at how much people complained about their marriages and that he’d even been told to ‘just get married, have kids, and get divorced like everyone else’. I think the societal default is to be a bit selfish and unkind to their spouses. We work hard not to be that way and I was determined to show a realistic relationship where everything isn’t perfect, per se, but they can be intimate and work through their problems without constantly fighting or heading for divorce.

With that said, I kind of showed exactly the opposite in “One Final Night,” and the associated consequences. I’m not one for showing only one side of story.

How will Laura and Will’s relationship change now that *spoiler alert if you haven’t read Come the Shadows* he’s Sheriff and she’s the Mayor? 

There is definitely some strife over that in book two and it’s not resolved, either. Their paths are crossing in new ways and Will, especially, isn’t thrilled with it.

Is there a specific character you most relate with in your novels?

Not really. There are aspects of me in all of them. I make a conscious effort not to base any character on myself or anyone I know. Small stories or qualities are incorporated but the characters are true originals with their own personalities.

 Is there a paragraph or two you’d like to share with us from your newest release, Red Sky Warning?

Will walked up his front sidewalk. He intentionally slowed his steps, reminding himself she had no idea how important his calls were. Ricky had offered to go inside as well but Will sent him back to town hall to keep an eye on Brewer and collect any information he could get.

He pushed the door open slowly and saw Harper and Amanda sitting on the floor. He could see Harper tense up and then relax, only slightly, when she recognized him.

Amanda was far less reserved. “Laura! Will is here and from the look on his face I am pretty sure he’s the one you ignored earlier!”

“Thanks, Amanda,” he said.

She smiled. “Anytime.”

“Well,” Laura said from the kitchen, “if it was really important he’d have come running in about five minutes later with his gun drawn.”

Red Sky Warning available now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Wendy L. Young has been writing for more than twenty years and now focuses on writing mystery/suspense stories with a healthy dose of thrills. Pick up Red Sky Warning, and book 1 Come the Shadows, anywhere eBooks are sold.

You can follow Wendy on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

***Review of Red Sky Warning to come December 14th!  Mark your calenders!  In the meantime, check out book 1, so you can read the second book and all the others to come!***


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