Stacy Eaton – Her Blood Certainly Runs Blue

It is with great pleasure that I introduce one of the most amazing women I’ve ever had the fortune to meet. Stacy Eaton.  She is not only a cop, but she is a friend, an International Best-Selling author, and Drill Sargent for the WLCShe puts others before herself and helps out in anyway possible.  (I know I can’t thank her enough for helping me with one of my novels.)  

Welcome, Stacy!

Can you tell us about yourself?

So… What is it that you want to know? My height?  I’m 5’5”. My hair color? Strawberry blonde and 100% naturally that color; or maybe what kind of car that I drive?  Well… I like to change my cars up, I get a new one almost every year… yeah I know… very strange, but that’s how I roll. In the last few years, I have had a Jeep Cherokee Sport (bright yellow), a Jeep Commander (red), a Dodge Avenger (silver), a Jeep Grand Cherokee (red) and now I drive a Lincoln MKX (metallic midnight blue). Wait!! Just because it’s a Lincoln, don’t think I put my nose in the air, I buy all my cars used, so I can change then every year and not feel guilty, lol…

But really, I’m a down to earth person who will do anything for a person in need.  It is one of the reasons I do the full time job that I do.  If you don’t already know, I’m a police officer and have been for over 11 years now, wow… I’m about to hit my 12th, just realized that. Cool!  Anyway, like I said, I will do almost anything to help someone.  It makes me who I am, completes me in a way that self-serving can never do.  Who cares how much money you have, or who your friends are if you can’t look in the mirror and be happy with whom you are, and where you are in life! Right!

I love my job, and I have a passion for photography and forensics, which go hand and hand in my job.  My family is incredible and more supportive then I could have every imagined! These days my husband sees the back of my head more than my face, because I am always tuned into my computer! He has no idea how much he is appreciated and loved!

Being a down to earth person, you will rarely see me dressed up. I live in jeans, or BDU’s, t-shirt, sweatshirts and boots. I want to be comfortable and I really don’t care to fit into any fashion plate. I am my own person, and I don’t ever want to change that.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer and published author?

 I didn’t decide to be a writer – I just became one. I had never in my life thought about writing a book, although with the stories I have of my life, people always said I should. I never took them seriously.  Then one day an idea came, I sat down and I wrote.  My husband looked at me and said, “Yeah, okay.” And then I handed him three chapters and he went “wow”.

Publishing the book was not something I had thought about either, until I was half way through it.  Then I started wondering what I was going to do when it was done, and I started doing some research.  I came across the company Outskirts Press, Inc. and that’s where the story ends, when I sent them my manuscript.

Do you write in any other genre?  Or plan on it in the future?

My current books are part of a series that walks the line of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy.  There are two more books planned for this series.  I am currently writing a book that steps out of the genre and moves more towards dramatic.  My current work “Whether I’ll Live or Die” is about Domestic Violence.  Another book I have on my back burner is a Contemporary Romance.

I am also co-writing a series with another author, John Walker, about addiction.  This is a very intense and graphic novel that will deal with addictions of all sorts, from drugs to sex to money.

I also have another series that I will start in the future that will move back into the Paranormal world, but it is going to be a while before I get to that place.

No matter what my books are about, there are two things that they all have in common.  One is the fact that they are all written in the law enforcement world, and two they all have a strong female lead.

What is your writing routine like?  Do you like to listen to music?  Work in complete silence?

These days, I don’t have a routine.  I write when I can.  I write very quickly straight from my mind.  I find that when I am in the shower or driving for a while, my characters start talking to me.  I find myself sitting down and typing out a chapter pretty quickly and then go back later to edit and put little pieces together.

I need stimulation to work.  So there is always music playing… always.  No matter what I am doing, I need music or at least back ground noise.  Usually I put on music that moves me to the theme of the story, even at work when I am typing up reports; I turn music on with my phone to help me concentrate.

To me silence is deafening… I don’t like that feeling.

If you had to pick a theme song for your book, what would it be?

The theme song for “My Blood Runs Blue” is a song by Evanescence called “Missing”.  Officer Kristin Greene talks about this song in the first chapter and the feeling runs through her.  In “Blue Blood for Life”, a song by Placebo called “Running up that hill” is a song that struck me hard and is talked about later on in the book during a time when Kristin is deep in thought.  Music is a huge part of my life and I use song to relate to feelings and moments in time.

What is your book, My Blood Runs Blue, about?

“My Blood Runs Blue” puts a new spin on vampires. They aren’t the scary sex craved maniacs you see in many books.  They aren’t out for revenge; they are living a peaceful life among humans.  The vamps in my series have their own police force, in a way.  After a homicide in Fawn Hollow, a small township in southeastern Pennsylvania, many lives are changed forever when Julian and Alexander come in contact with Officer Kristin Greene.

There are pieces of past history that are intertwined with Kristin and she ends up having to make some very difficult decisions between Julian and Alexander.  It’s a story of mystery and suspense.  I bring a lot of law enforcement knowledge to my books and it keeps them real even with the paranormal aspects. The love triangle is different than others and will keep you on your toes to the last chapter.

“Blue Blood for Life” brings a deeper set of choices and more incredible consequences to the choices that are made. There is an underlying message in this and I hope people understand that. Blue Blood bring more intricate plot twists and keeps everyone guessing to the very end.

What was your inspiration for My Blood Runs Blue and the series?

Well, let’s see.  First off, I was going through a phase where I was reading a whole lot of vamp books.  I love to read, but you have to remember that books about everyday drama can be kind of boring for me.  I mean, look at my job! My job is drama!!  Every person who has a stray dog, a suspicious person lurking, an ex-something or other that won’t leave them alone, calls 9-1-1 and I respond.  So I see drama every day!

So imagine this… One night I am out of my car, stretching my legs and back.  It’s two in the morning, quiet as a graveyard and dark as can be. I’m looking up at the stars and then I look away. I look towards a tree line in the park, and there are eyes looking at me.  You know the type; they glow slightly in the tiny amount of light that is around you, like a cat.  Although these particular eyes were up off the ground much higher than any cat would be. I watched them, they watched me.

The quiet around me got quieter, I just watched, the hair on the back of neck raised, my senses alert, but I didn’t move. For a long time, we both stood in silence and then the eyes disappeared. Just like that, gone. Once I was sure they would not return, I got back in my patrol car and drove off. Thoughts of what those eyes could be brought my active imagination to full throttle and I wondered what it would be like if vampires were real and worked with the cops.

Which character in your book do you most relate with?

There is no doubt in my mind or any of my friends that Officer Kristin Greene is me.  Plain and simple, I own up to it, she is the black and white of me. Anyone who really knows me will tell you I couldn’t have written myself any better.  I am a total control freak, straight and true to my job and to my friends.

Now for some fun!

Do you prefer cake or cookies?

Cake as long as it’s made of Cheese!  Bring a cheesecake into my house and you better hand me a fork, put on a pot of coffee and then get lost, and oh yeah, don’t forget about grabbing a pair of jeans that are one size larger for me to throw on when I’m done!

 Fall or Spring?

Not Fall… To me it is an ending… I don’t like endings, I like beginnings.  Spring is the start of something – the start of life – the start of being able to open windows and finally the time I can stop wearing thermals to work!!!  Do you have any idea how cold it is at two in the morning on the side of the road when it is 5 degrees and you are working an accident?  Brrrr…. Give me Spring or even better… Summer!

Driving the speed limit or driving too fast?

Now Emerald, what kind of a question is that to ask a police officer!!!  You know that I have to answer that I drive the speed limit, well unless my lights are flashing and then I am zooming down the road!


Thank you so much for hosting me Emerald!! I had a really fun time answering your questions!!!

It was great having you on my blog, Stacy!  I hope to see you on here again sometime! 🙂

How you can connect with Stacy:

Twitter: @StacySEaton
Where to buy her books:
My Blood Runs Blue
Blue Blood for Life

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