Time to be BOLD – Interview with Dr. J. Timothy Neely and book giveaway

I had the privilege of meeting Tim a little over a year ago when I first started attending a new church, Faith Outreach.  I had no idea he was an author until he and my dad started talking.  From there, well, he and I have had our fair share of writing discussions.  He’s given me invaluable advice, and it’s also very nice to have a fellow author to talk to about writing.  They seem to understand why you’re being driven nuts!  So, when I asked Tim to join me on the blog today, I was so happy he agreed to it!  (Make sure to read through to the end for giveaway details!) 

Welcome, Tim! 

Can you tell us about yourself?


I have been married for 25 years and have three children.  I am retired from the U.S. Navy, where I served aboard submarines.  I have a master’s degree in human relations and a doctorate in Christian counseling.  My passion is finding a better way to do things and then writing about it.


What is “Be Bold Now” about? 


BBN is a succint and easy to remember design for interpersonal communications.  I believe the design is contained in the book is the cure for any communication problem.


What led you to write about being bold and confident in communication?  Was this something you had to learn yourself, or do you feel as if you needed to share how you felt about this with others?  


Personally I was always a decent orator but not a good communicator when it came to uncomfortable situations.  As I became a stronger communicator I began to notice that problem relationships tended to have a foundation of poor communication.  It became apparent to me that relationship problems could not be corrected until the dysfunctional communication was altered.


How did getting a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling and a Master’s in Human Relations help with the writing of “Be Bold Now?” 


First and foremost it taught me the value of research and thinking outside the box.  And certainly the knowledged attained and the practical experience contributed to the undertaking of writing such a book.


Did you set out to write self-help books or did the idea just come to you?  Do you ever think you’ll dabble in fiction later on? 


I have always been an avid reader.  I read fiction from an early age starting with the “Hardy Boys.”  About 15 years ago I picked up my first self-help type book.  I enjoyed reading them and continue to do so.  However, I just felt there was too much fluff and and “fiction” in the non-fiction.  I wanted to try and write something more succint and practical…something that could really change lives.  As  far as your question about writing fiction; at this point I don’t believe I have that skill set.  I would like to try some day though.


When did you decide you wanted to be a writer? 


When I first joined the Navy I took an English comp class.  I wrote an analysis of one of Shakespeare’s sonnets and the professor told me that I should become a writer.  A few years ago I came across the note he had written me and suddenly the passion was there.


Not only are you a writer, you are a speaker.  Do you think the two are interconnected at times for you? 


Most definitely for me.  Self-help and speaking seem to go hand-in-hand.


Will you share a paragraph or two from “Be Bold Now” with us?  


Communication requires not the delivery, but the exchange

of a message. It involves not only someone to receive the message

but to receive the message you are sending. The message can

be perplexed by the sender or receiver, thus the importance of

communication strategies that increase the likelihood of success.

Communication requires information to be sent and received.

Most of us believe we are at least sufficient communicators. In

reality, most of us are deeply lacking in communication skills

and a great number of us are very dysfunctional communicators.

It’s not just a matter of what we say, but how we say it. It’s not

just a matter of what we hear, but how we hear it.


We are defensive and practice communication

as if it were a game we must win. Communication is vital to

healthy relationships, yet we spend very little time focusing on or

training ourselves to communicate effectively. Complicating the

problem is the fact that most of us communicate not only from a

defensive posture but also from an apprehensive attitude. We are afraid of confrontation. We are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings

or being ridiculed. To correct these problems, communication

must become bold. Boldness requires confidence and forthrightness

tempered by grace. This not only applies to our speech

but to our listening. Being confident in spirit and demeanor is

conducive to and essential for listening for understanding without

defensiveness. Boldness is not arrogant and demanding.


Now, for some fun!

Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla? 


Vanilla with a touch of chocolate mixed in


Hardback, paperback, or ebook format? 


This is the one area that I have not boarded the technology bus in.  I still prefer holding a a hardback while I am reading.  Paperback will suffice also.  I just like to mark passages and write notes in the pages.


Would you rather fight zombies or vampires in a post-apocalyptic world? 


Definitely vampires…would rather have one bite than be torn to shreds.


You can buy Be Bold Now through Tate Publishing or Amazon

And now, for the fun part!!  Tim has generously offered up THREE paperback copies of his book, Be Bold Now!!  All you have to do is leave a comment telling me how you plan to be more bold in the 2012, leave your email so I can get in touch with you, and a subscription or two won’t hurt anyone’s chances of winning. 😉  Seriously though, if you subscribe, leave me your wordpress name and/or email so I will know you have.  Your name will go into the drawing twice.  I will randomly pick three winners Friday and contact you.  If you don’t respond within a week, I will then forfeit your name and pick a new winner. 



4 thoughts on “Time to be BOLD – Interview with Dr. J. Timothy Neely and book giveaway

  1. I was going through my twitter homepage and came across this tweet “If you would be a writer, first be a reader”

    So compelling 2012 has been for me to read, read and read…

    I was discussing with my friend about books and ebooks. He told me that he prefers “hard copies”. He would never go for the ebooks… On the contrary I can read ebooks in fact my writing career passed reading ebooks only.

    Today in Tim’s interview I noticed something enticing… Reading books (physically present in your hands) is a different experience. How beautifully he shared his side of the story that “I just like to mark passages and write notes in the pages”.

    My goal this year will certainly be a good reader first in order to better my skills. I love to learn the proverbs and phrases to use in my writing.


    1. That is a wonderful goal! I agree completely with the tweet you saw. It’s amazing how sometimes we as a writer forget that reading is essential to our profession. I know that here lately, I’ve barely had to time to read and maybe that’s why I’ve been so frustrated with my own writing as of late.

      I have been reading ebooks so much lately that when I was holding a real book in my hand, it felt odd to me! I went back to my Kindle and got a Kindle version of the book I had been reading. But, there is something about holding a real book that is still an intriguing and wonderful feeling. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment!


  2. One bold step for me (and one giant leap for me-kind, I suppose) will be to audition for a role in this summer’s Bristol Renaissance Faire. I’ve visited the Faire with my family for several years, now, and have had a bigger blast each time. I would particularly kill to be cast somewhere near their Robin Hood (come on, you guys — the Merry Men need an Allyn-a-Dale!), but I’m game to try what they’ll give me…if they give me anything, which I hope they will. I’m loud and improvise 20 different characters for fun on a daily basis, so surely there’s a spot for the likes of me?
    I’m nervous as all get out, but I don’t want to look back from my deathbed and see a failure to give this mini-dream of mine a shot. So yeah — wish me a broken leg. (:


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