The (un)glamorous lifestyle of a writer

“I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow you until you love me.  Papa – Paparazzi.”

Lady Gaga

Yes, I’m quoting a Lady Gaga song.

A week ago, I did a guest post for the lovely Laura Stanfill about what to expect as a writer.   Well, while listening to the radio and when Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” came on, I thought about those expectations and the fact that although some writers hit it big, some don’t unfortunately.

I know that I would love to be signed by a huge publishing house and sell millions of books making me a millionaire, and although money isn’t everything, I have to admit, I’d love to have a little more than I do now, and I want to make it all by being a writer alone!

Ambitious?  Probably not.  I think deep down most of us want that, but I know there are some lovely writers who write for the simple fact of loving the craft and wanting to share it with people for free.  And, I by no means want to discourage that or make anyone feel as if I’m putting them down for that.  In fact, I have given away my novella and enjoyed sharing it with people for free, but I want this to be my sole career.

But that isn’t to say that I’m going to quit writing because I’m not famous.  Quite the contrary.  I’m going to be ambitious and say that I am going to write until I am famous and have people following me around saying they’re my biggest fans!

Okay, say maybe I don’t even expect that, but I’m not going to lie – I think it’d be nice having a fan or two.

I have dreamed of being famous before.  I think we all have at some point and time whether in our childhood or last night in our dreams.  (That is, of course, complete speculation.)

But the reality is, not all of us will be followed around by the paparazzi because of our writing.

So, I’m not an expert or anything, but I’m here to show the unglamorous lifestyle of a writer.

First of all, we’ll probably spend more money than we make.  At the beginning at least.  You’ve heard the phrase, it takes money to make money.   Well, that’s why I’m a “starving artist.”

Most of us will have coffee-filled veins.  How else are we going to survive the continuous staring of a blank document or the edits of our latest garbage – um – novel?

We suffer from headaches, stress, murder – only in books of course!!

We’re crazy!  We have all these characters talking to us.  We live out fictional tales thinking they’re real!  We’re nuts.  Plain and simple.

But, here’s the glamorous part of an unglamorous lifestyle.  We have fans who tell us they love our work.  We may not sell millions of books a month, but there’s always that ONE FAN who can makes us feel like our work is really worth something.  It’s what keeps us going.

You meet fellow writers who become friends and are just as unglamorous as you are!  You forge incredible friendships, and you have found yourself in part of a community of writers that are super supportive and helpful.

We may not be glamorous, but some of us can be unglamorous together!


8 thoughts on “The (un)glamorous lifestyle of a writer

  1. Emerald I can relate to all those unglamorous sides, apart from my veins being fllled with tea rather than coffee 🙂 We just have to keep plugging away & dreaming…


  2. I got a lovely letter from a teenager who’d read both of my books and asked when the next one was coming out.

    Isn’t that sweet? It’s funny how you only need a tiny handful of people who love your work to encourage you to keep going! Sure, money would be nice too, but money doesn’t say anything.


  3. Yes I agree. I’m unglamorous too. That sort of writing style. But what you said that money isn’t everything is very important. Sometimes we just want to make a name, be famous that’s what we need. Money is a latter course which comes in time with fame.


  4. Dalya! That’s wonderful!!! 😀 I love those moments. YAY! And no, money doesn’t talk, but fans do!

    Vincent, I agree. Money isn’t important… sure it helps lol, but making a name for yourself is very important as well.

    Thanks for commenting guys!


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