You are my sunshine? A Sunshine Award!

The other day, the wonderful, DJ Lutz of Almost Out of Ink bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award!  Thank you, DJ!  DJ shares with us his writing experiences along with writing excerpts of his Private Eye!  His blog is amazing, and really, you should follow it if you don’t!

Ignore the 2011 and pretend is says 2012 😉

So, here are the requirements:

1.  Thank the person(s) that gave you the award. Again, thanks to the Limebirds!!

2. Write a post about it.

3. Answer the questions below.

4. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers who you think deserve it.

Here we go:

Favorite Colour: Green  (Was there ever really any other answer?)

Favorite animal: Penguins!  (Are you allowed to own your own penguin?)

Favorite number: 23  For some odd reason, great things happen to me on that day of the month.  (Although, I’m not very superstitious about it.  Great things happen all the time.)

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Sweet tea (I’m a Southern (US) girl after all!)

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I can’t explain it.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been there so much longer than Twitter.

My passion? Getting closer to God and, of course, writing.

Giving or getting presents? Giving!  (Although I do love getting. 😉 )

Favorite pattern – Polka Dots (Is that considered a pattern?)

Favorite day of the week?  Sunday – not only is it a day of rest, but I get to attend my wonderful church.

Favorite flower? As cliched as it might be, red roses.

Ten blogs worth your time.  (I realize that not everyone will share this, and that’s okay!  They’re just people I wanted to give a shout out to because they have certainly all brought a little sunshine to my life!)

Laura Stanfill – She does an amazing job of bringing writers together and making them feel like a community.

Jo Eberhardt – She offers up very helpful advice on writing as well as gives us a glimpse into the world of being a mom.

Anthony Lee Collins – His posts are so interesting.  He always brings up something and engages everyone in wonderful discussions about writing, films or music.

Ever On Word – She’s a talented writer, and her posts will certainly entertain you!

R.S. Guthrie – He certainly makes writing more entertaining and his posts are very insightful!

Micheal Rivers – He’s a paranormal author who brings you interviews, guest posts, and gives back to the writing community.

Dalya Moon – She’s just simply lovely and brings sunshine to anyone who meets her!

Spencer Brokaw : He’s a young author who writes about spies, helps fellow authors, and shares great writing tips!

Alexandra Corinth – She’s so wonderful!  She discusses the YA genre quite often but she also shares wonderful stories about writing!

Melissa Foster – She doesn’t blog much, but the tips and articles she writes help authors more than she’ll every realize!  She has a bubbly personality and if anyone deserves a Sunshine Award, it’s her!


11 thoughts on “You are my sunshine? A Sunshine Award!

    1. Well, I appreciate that, M! 🙂 You’re always bringing sunshine to someone’s life! I recently was talking to another person who met you at a books signing or something like that, Lisa Proulx, and when she knew that I worked with you at the WLC, she just couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful you are! I completely agree with her! 🙂


  1. Em, thanks so much. It means a lot to me. The “Sunshine Award” is perfect for you…after all you’re the sunshine of the South!! Now about the sweet tea…yeah it’s a given but you have to add some Pepsi to your list.


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