Love and what it means…

… to love  your work!

I’ve never been fond of Valentine’s Day to be honest.  It’s sweet if you have someone to share it with, but other Valentines spent alone felt more like Single’s Awareness Day.

But, I believe that love should be shared all year long, every day for the rest of your life.  I don’t think one day should be set aside for men to feel obligated to buy the women in their lives jewelry.  Although, if they want to, there’s nothing wrong with that either.  To say I have mixed feelings about the holiday is an understatement!  But, there is one thing I know for certain, my love for writing will never waver.

Okay, that last statement might not be true on certain occasions.

A few weeks ago, my facebook update looked something like this: “Final edits = me never wanting to read my novel EVER AGAIN!”

Well, I’m sort of over that now.  I, mean, it feels great to have my novel in the hands of my dear editor, Michelle Dear, so I’m pretty glad that it’s almost finished now.

But I got to thinking.  Writing reminds me a lot of this:

You try not to kill you ms, especially when it talks back to you and is stubborn.  So you try to put it up for adoption (aka editor) but they only send it back to you with suggestions on how to raise it.  It works, so now you have to send it to college (publishing) after paying for it (cover, promotions, advertisements, etc), and hope it brings money back to you instead of you spending all you have on it.  But in the end, you love it just as much as you love your other work despite the days you feel like you never want to see it again.  (From what I understand, raising teenagers might be something similar to this. lol)

As some of my regular followers might know, I sometimes write for one of my writer friend’s, Eri Nelson, online magazine, Supporting Authors One Read at a Time Magazine.  This month’s issue was about love, so I wrote something for it.  I decided instead of hating on my writing, I was going to write what I loved about it.  So, below is what I wrote.


Click on the picture to be taken to this month's Issuu

I know despite my headaches, temper tantrums, and incessant rambling about what isn’t going right with my novels, I still love it.  I love the writing, making it something wonderful, and then having a final version of something I created.  I’m a very proud parent of my work.  (Most of the time at least.)

What do you love about writing?


11 thoughts on “Love and what it means…

  1. I’m not loving writing very much today. I’ve spent way too many hours on this one chapter with way too few words to show for it. I don’t know why it’s choosing to be so uncooperative. Doesn’t it know it has an important role to play in the story? Or maybe it knows this all too well, and is feeling intimidated. There, there, chapter. *pats on the top of the page* It’ll be all right. Just get written so we can both move on with our lives!!!


    1. Ah yes. Been there before. Those chapters can be so stubborn sometimes. Maybe it will see that stubborn will get it nowhere! 😉

      Good luck with your writing, Danielle! I haven’t had time to write. I’ve been so consumed with edits as of late that I honestly have forgotten what writing feels like. And guess what… I still have editing to do but this time on another novel. *sigh*


      1. *claps shoulder in solidarity* We’ll get through it, Em. The joys of writing shall once again be ours! I suppose these low times are meant to help us better appreciate the highs. …Or maybe it’s just another senseless evil to be blamed on Adam and Eve. Either way, ever onward!


  2. I love being finished for the day! Mwahahah! Okay, but seriously … I’d say I love my characters. I feel it’s positive for us to get to know other humans on their own life journeys, even if some of those people are fictional.


    1. Sadly, I’ve been at that point where I was just happy the ended without me throwing my computer across the room. 😉

      I agree with you 100% about characters! They are so much fun! I love getting to know them along the way as well because contrary to popular belief, I never know how their personalities are going to come across until the novel is finished. 🙂


      1. I realized today that I specifically don’t write anything about the characters’ backstory that isn’t in the actual book. That way I don’t get any ideas about what they’re like that the reader doesn’t also get.

        On my current WIP, one of the side characters got really hilarious right at the end of the book. Now I’m gonna have to go back to the beginning and let her show more of that same sass. 🙂

        Ah … character love. Great themed blog post today!


      2. Well, thinking about it now, I don’t do that either….

        And that’s hilarious about your character in your current WIP. 😉

        This conversation has made me want to blog about characters. 😀 tehe


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