One Year Later: Piercing Through the Darkness’ Anniversary

I saw this picture circulating Facebook the other day.  If you’ve been reading some of my interviews, you’ll know that as a writer, one of the things that pushed me into a writing career would be the fact that I want people to use my work to escape their world, if only for a minute, by reading what I have to write.  So, I immediately shared this picture on my Facebook timeline.

I want all of my readers to experience this through my writing.  I’m very happy with the reviews I’m getting for Piercing Through the Darkness.  And I love that people are enjoying it.  (Seriously, what writer wants people to hate their books?)  So, I guess in essence, I’m sort of getting what I wanted which definitely makes me happy to realize.

One review just came in and the reviewer said, ” I fell in love with the characters and I also loved how you didn’t know in the beginning of the book what happened to Mr Chandlers family.”

One other reviewer said, “Wow, talk about a suspense. The main character of Kandi was just the right mix of innocence and vulnerability to be ripe for a suspense thriller. The buildup through the story is unbelievably GOOD.”

Okay.  I promise I’m not tooting my own horn here.  I’m trying to prove a point.  A point that says I’m actually finally achieving something with my writing.

I may not be rich and famous, and I’m okay with that.  And if I can get just one person to read my story and say something like this, I feel like I’ve made a huge accomplishment.

And trust me when I say, for me, there is no better feeling than to have someone tell me they loved my book!

My first year as an Indie author has been amazing.  I’ve met incredible people: reviewers, readers, and authors alike!

When my dad’s friends meet me, they always ask, “Is this the writer?”  Unfortunately, I only met them at my great grandmother’s funeral this past weekend, but it was still nice to hear that someone actually knew I was a writer and had read my book.

I have had people stand beside me and help me through the tough times as well as through the happy times.  It’s been simply amazing.

One year ago, I published Piercing Through the Darkness.  One year ago today, I let my emotions that told me I was too scared to ever do this go, and I did it.  I published my book.

Happy Anniversary to my first published baby, Piercing Through the Darkness.



6 thoughts on “One Year Later: Piercing Through the Darkness’ Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on actually having a novel published – huge achievement!
    And yes, I think what sets great novels apart from ordinary novels is their ability to absorb you into their worlds. I never ‘read’ a great novel – I temporarily live it.


  2. “There is no better feeling than to have someone tell me they loved my book” — oh, I’m right with ya on that one! Getting adored as an author is all very grand, too; but seriously, if it had to be either or, I’d take someone feeling so-so about me and loving [insert character name here] to death!

    I’m glad you’re been able to spread the love, Em. Happy book-baby anniversay!


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