Update Numero Dos

If you saw my last post about editing, you’ll know that I’m in the midst of MORE EDITS.  Will it ever end?  No.  No it won’t!  In fact, I’m itching to write still, but also, I’m itching to get back to editing.  What is wrong with me?  Well, after spending two weeks away from ALL writing and editing, things have fallen into perspective for me.  Any time I can get something writing related done, I’m doing good.

Wait… I can hear you thoughts.  You’re thinking, “Well, Emerald, it’s about time we quit hearing you complain about editing.” 

Yep.  I suppose so, but it doesn’t mean in a couple of weeks from now I won’t be complaining again.  Sorry fellow followers!  I never promised I wouldn’t fall back into my old ways.  But, at least you don’t have to hear the complaining as much as the boyfriend does. 😉

Also, since the lovely TamaraMarshmallow asked for me on the aforementioned guest post to update how editing has gone for me thus far, and my aversion to only editing and not writing, I wanted to do that. 

When I last edited, I was debating on how to change the BORING beginning to something more interesting. Now, it opens with a vampire thinking about biting someone and then actually biting them.  Really, it’s more interesting in the work than in this post. 

So, that added to my “I NEED TO WRITE!” craving. 

Also, I took out two chapters of the beginning and took out one character who was a NOBODY.  Bless his heart.  He served no other purpose than to distract my MC so she could get bitten by a vampire.  So, he’s out, and my MC will just have to find another way to get her blood drank.  I suppose I’ll get to that part eventually.

Oh, and if you see me around anymore tomorrow, commenting back to you and such, remind me that I do have a novel to edit, and it’s been a while since I actually managed to do something constructive with it. 😉

How goes your writing?!






8 thoughts on “Update Numero Dos

  1. Heehee! It’s always funny to see yourself mentioned in a blog post. 🙂

    Editing can definitely be a grind some days, but as long as you’re getting through X pages a day (and not 0 pages a day), you’ll get there. It’s about Xs instead of 0s. 🙂


      1. Ooh, exciting! I know you feel good about that!

        I’m doing pretty well with my edits right now. I’ve managed to get in a few chapters editing, and I’m about to get back to it again. I had to jump online real fast for something, but I got distracted and checked WordPress. Isn’t that how it always goes? 😉


  2. It’s so easy to ignore your WIP in favour of visting blogs and commenting, like I’m doing this very moment 🙂 Good luck with your vampire bite scene Emerald.


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