Let me tell you a story…

The other night, I was trying to get my beautiful niece to go to bed.  In order to keep herself awake, she would walk up to me and say, “Let me tell you a story.”  I would say every time, “You have to go to sleep.”  Her answer would be, “I just want to tell you a story.”  She would emphasize each word with her hands as if that would get the point across.  So, eventually I relented and said, “Tell me a story.”

“The chair is broken, and the boys (what she calls her dad and my dad, her Boompa) have to fix it when they get home.”   This was her story.  And really, the electric recliner did get stuck.  No worries, her daddy did indeed fix the chair it.

But, all of her stories tend to be one liners.  Short and sweet and to the point.  And they always told in  order to get out of trouble or keep from falling asleep.

This got me to thinking about my writing and taglines.  Seriously, anything will lead me to the topic of writing.  I’ve been trying to come up with a tagline for my novel, Read Me Dead.  Condensing my story to one, short sentence and trying to catch the attention of future readers is hard.  Very hard, and I guess I’m over-thinking it which I tend to do.

For Piercing Through the Darkness, I had come up with “The memory’s on the edge of her mind, like a word on the tip of her tongue.”

It may not be all that catchy in essence, but I really like it and think it sums up the whole of the book.  But with Read Me Dead, I’m having a harder time coming up with something.  Piercing Through the Darkness’ tagline just came to me.  I’m still waiting for Read Me Dead’s to come to me.

How do you come about writing a tagline that sums up the entirety of your novel?  No seriously.  How?

I came up with this, “As she follows her heart, the murderer follows her.  Normal is out of the question.  She’s now in a race to save her life and bring her parents’ murderer to justice,” but it’s hardly a tagline.  It will probably work best at the end of a blurb.

I keep thinking about what my story is about.  What makes my story the story it is?  But what makes my story the story it is, is difficult for me to sum up in one catchy sentence!  (See, I always run around in circles with my logic.  Again, over-thinking.)

Ah, well.  I suppose that I will try to continue to work on this and hopefully I’ll have something before the April release.*

What are your tips for a catchy tagline?

*Coming soon: Cover reveal and official blurb for Read Me Dead!  Yay!


6 thoughts on “Let me tell you a story…

  1. Good job on the post Emerald! I have never been able to sum up any book in a sentence. There are so many different elements captured into novels, that weaving a catchy sentence to broadly summarize a book is hard. I love the one for Piercing Through The Darkness, and look forward to Read Me Dead’s release!


    1. Thanks, Spencer!

      It’s really difficult isn’t it? Piercing Through the Darkness’ just came to me though. I’m hoping Read Me Dead’s will too. 🙂 I look forward to sharing Read Me Dead with y’all!


  2. I find it difficult to summarize anything in one sentence, hah. Now I feel like I should come up with one for Novel Novel – I know I’ll need to when I start querying agents!

    The best I advice I can offer is this – find the core of the book, the point of it, the idea that resonates through each chapter. Once you have that, the sentence should come to you. ^_^ Looking forward to reading it! The blurb you have already provided sounds super-interesting. ❤


    1. Thanks! ❤

      I'm super excited to get this novel out! And my cover artist is doing AMAZING things with the cover. So ready to share it! 🙂

      That's a great idea though. I guess I need to quit stressing out over it. 🙂


  3. Y’ever notince how much of writing is taking an idea and manipulating its length? Stretching it out to the size of a book; shrinking it down to a synopsis; smaller still for a blurb; smallest of all for a tagline or single word that encompasses the theme… Thank goodness there are so many ways to tell a story, or we’d be in dire straits!


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