I finally thought of some tagline ideas.  Late last night, I was discussing the release of Read Me Dead with my boyfriend.  Being the huge supporter that he is, we began discussing possible ideas for the tagline. 

Here’s what we came up with:

  • “When Alexia’s darkest secret is revealed – can she save herself from the memories and the murderer?”  Okay, now that I think about it, it’s not all that catchy. 
  • “Can Alexia hide from the memories that haunt her?” Again, not all that catchy but something I can work off of.
  • And this is our personal favorite, “She’s afraid, afraid of what hides in the dark, what always hides in the dark – secrets.”

So, opinions on these?  How can I make them catchier?  Better?  Do you like any of them? 

18 thoughts on “Taglines!

  1. #1 = Yeah, that one feels a little all over the place — like, “Wait, what murderer??” Also, I tend to go “meh” at “When…” beginnings. True, the “when this, then that” format is good for getting to the point of a story in a hurry, but I prefer to see it disguised a little; hit ’em with cause and effect, absolutely yes, but to start with the actual word “when” feels… done. Don’t know if other people ever feel that way, or if it’s just me, so be sure to help yourself to a few grains of a salt.

    #2 = More concise, but generic. At the same time, the actual naming of Alexia makes it too specific.

    #3 = You’ve got the “she” going instead of the name, so we’re doing better already. And I like how the words build the atmosphere right up to the resounding “…secrets”. I feel it would work pretty well in a trailer (“She’s afraid…”
    “Afraid of what hides in the dark…”
    “What always hides in the dark…”
    “Secrets.”), but I’m not sure it would work as well just sitting on the cover of a book. So maybe if you kept that same general idea, just without the rhythmic repetition?

    So yeah, there’s two cents for ya. (:


    1. Brilliant! Thank you. 🙂 That is very helpful. And, I seriously like that idea for a trailer.

      I will definitely keep these in mind as I work on the tagline. At this point, I’m about to ready to say forget it and do the cover without a tagline. 😉 lol


      1. Happy you found it helpful! ^-^
        If I come up with anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meanwhile, let your ideas simmer. You may wake in the middle of the night with a sudden flash of genius that has you going, “YES! That’s what I was looking for, that’s perfection, yee-ha!” And if you can’t find greatness…well, awesome covers w/out taglines are still awesome covers. (:
        Lookin forward to that cover preview I believe I read is coming soon… ^^


      2. I actually made a trailer! I’m hoping to post it on here next week for a preview.

        And you’re very right. Covers without taglines still look awesome, and my cover artist is doing a fantastic job without one. 🙂

        And I look forward to sharing the cover and blurb with you guys! It’s so exciting! 😀

        Thanks for all of your help!


  2. BrooklynLovesBooks

    “How long can she hide from the memories? The secrets that threaten her very life …”

    Can’t wait to see this trailer. This is all quite intriguing.


  3. I would need to know more about the book in order to comment on the tagline. If it’s something you would use on twitter, it might not hurt to include the genre in the phrase. (Psychological thriller?)

    If you’d like to post or send me a summary, I’d happily brainstorm some taglines. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of the ones posted! I’d just love to see a bit more specificity. 🙂


    1. I’ll definitely send you something! I can use all the help I can get on this one. 😉 Right now, I’ve about decided to do the cover without a tagline so this will be to put on twitter, facebook, etc. Anyway, I’ll email you, hopefully, soon! 🙂 Thanks!


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