New Interviews (and promotions if I’m honest!)

Hi, lovely blog followers!  (And welcome to all the newbies that have joined the blog!  You guys rock!)

Today, I have the pleasure of announcing that I’m on two blogs today featuring both Piercing Through the Darkness and Read Me Dead!

First, as a stop on the Read Me Dead Blog Tour, I’ve stopped on the talented author of Wyndano’s Cloak, A.R. Silverberry’s, blog for a discussion about writing and of course, Read Me Dead!  You can visit it here.

Secondly, I had the pleasure of being featured on the Author Spotlight at the WLC, and I had the fortune of sitting down with @zencherry to have a talk about Piercing Through the Darkness!  You can read more about that here.

So, I hope all of you have a lovely Monday!  Thanks for reading!  And I’ll see you again soon. 😉 Enjoy the interviews!



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