I may have to get new business cards…

Well, it seems like forever since I’ve posted an update on here.  I’ve been swamped with my blog tour and Read Me Dead release coming up this Wednesday!  I can’t believe that the day is almost upon us!  I’ve been working on my novel for years, and it’s like a dream come true to have it finally coming out!

But, if you aren’t already, you can follow my blog tour that I’ve been on which will include another giveaway today on Mrs. Kathleen Shoop’s blog and you can get an inside scoop on one of my characters, Matt Wheaton.  You can find the links to past posts here and come Tuesday and Wednesday, you can read two more fun interviews.  Just keep up with my website and you’ll be directed there. I may have time to blog about it, but I can’t make that promise!

Okay, so another topic I’d like to discuss here is moving to another blog.  WordPress has been great to me, but I feel severely limited on it.  So, I’m considering moving blogs.  The only thing I’m worried about is losing my followers.  You guys have been so amazing, and I’ve gained some new ones, which by the way Welcome!, and well, I’d have to print up new business cards that would include my new blog url.  😉

But IF I do this, it would be at the beginning of June.  (I have too many guest posts coming up to change now.)  I’ll definitely let you know a more definite answer within the next month.

Oh, speaking of next month, I am a part of a Teen Summer Reading Party!  I’ve paired up with some fellow YA authors, and we’re doing blog swaps and giveaways!  Stay tuned for all of that!

Okay, I think that pretty much covers it.  Maybe.  It seems like there’s something I’m missing, but oh well, I think I’ve covered my bases.

Don’t forget to like my Facebook Fan Page and enter to win a prize pack in celebration of my release!

That still wasn’t what I wanted to say…



2 thoughts on “I may have to get new business cards…

  1. I’ve got blogs on WordPress and on Blogger, and I can do pretty much everything on either, though Blogger has some neato layout tricks. Hmmm. Yeah, I can see why you’d be inclined to switch. I think more book bloggers used Blogger, so that’d be one more reason to switch.


    1. Oh yes. And too, I’m so limited with embedded codes. There have been times I wanted to put up something and couldn’t because of it. Plus, WordPress has been acting weird with me lately. I can’t get it load on any of my computers, and I’m wondering what is going on with that.


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