My time managment skills are almost as impressive as my ninja skills…

…which by that I mean, I have none.

Hi guys!  It’s been ages.  As you all know, I’ve been part of a blog tour and blog party (which is still ongoing).  I haven’t really had time to blog aside from on which I LOVE!

I’ve been extremely busy with my blog tours that I haven’t even bothered to do anything but blog and email people.  I do tweet – a lot.  Guess I need to organize my time better.  Thus, I decided to write a blog post about it which is another way for me to procrastinate and not do what I actually intended to do. 

So, time management.  Managing your time.  It’s tough.  There are so many things for us writers to be doing.  We have to keep up a blog or two, make sure we have a social media presence, and most importantly, write books!  Plus, there are those who have those pesky little jobs that get in the way.  But we have families to take care of and of course a house to keep up.  It’s tough.  It’s definitely a tough job – time management I mean.

There are things that I keep putting off in order to do other things.  Specifically, my writing.  I haven’t written in about a week or two.  I was using the excuse that one of my novels was in the hands of some amazing beta readers, so I would just wait and see what they had to say before I did anything editing-wise with that novel.  But, I have a novel that I’ve been editing for 6 years that needs a complete re-write.  I should be doing that as well.

I was talking to the boyfriend the other day about how I needed to edit my Knight’s Academy novel and write The Double Dare Bridges.  I plan on managing my time between the two somehow.  I think the thought of working on two novels at a time is starting to freak me out because I would rather spend my time watching Doctor Who re-runs with my boyfriend than try and work on my novels.

But, I have to keep going with my writing.  I can’t just drop off the planet because I released one book last month.  I have to ride that momentum and keep up with my books.  Plus, I have to get this vampire/werewolf novel out before the trend dies out.  (Do y’all think it’ll ever die out?!) And, I have fans of The Double Dare Bridges who keep nagging me to get it written.  Okay, nag is a strong word…

But, I have to get these written.  They’re in my head, pushing their way out!  These stories must be written, so I must learn how to manage my time wisely.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can do this?!


6 thoughts on “My time managment skills are almost as impressive as my ninja skills…

  1. Spijder

    I wish I had some advice on that front, but struggle with that myself. Even though I have my cellphone programmed to make noises at me in the morning, and then again in the afternoon to tell me to “WRITE” and “Stop writing”, it’s not always (ie: rarely) uninterrupted time even when it’s heeded.


  2. I’m terrible with my time management and I really, really hope the vampire/werewolf trend never ends. I’ll have nothing to write about if it does 🙂


    1. I know! I’m working on this trilogy as fast as I can just so I can get it out now!

      I’ve still got to read Night Sighs… I’m bumping it up on my ever growing list so I’ll get to it sooner! 🙂


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