Jan Fischer-Wade stops by on the Summer Teen Reading Party

I’d like to welcome Jan to my page today!  She’s the organizer of our fun Summer Teen Reading Party and I’m happy to say, she’s here today discussing her novel, Veiled Virtues.

Welcome, Jan!

Thanks for having me on your site today Emerald! I am having lots of fun with the Summer Teen Reading Party and I am so excited about this month long event!  We’ve got lots of great books and authors there – many for $1.99 or less. I hope everyone visits!

Here is a bit about my novel, Veiled Virtues:

When Paige Stewart left America to house-sit in England, her only thoughts were to get away from her controlling mother and to have fun. Little did she know that her working holiday would find her hearing eerie voices, experiencing alarming dreams and bleeding from old scars. Although Paige’s differences confuse and disgust her, she opens up to the shopkeeper of a strange metaphysical store in town, where she finds much more than tarot cards and crystals. Soon, Paige is stalked like prized game. Relentlessly pursued, her holiday takes a turn for the eerie and dangerous. Her only saving grace may be a modern-day English knight who sweeps her off her feet and recognizes the true virtues the American teen unknowingly possesses.

Veiled Virtues is available at the following sites:  Amazon  OmniLit   Smashwords   MuseItUp Publishing   Diesel   Kobo    BookStrand   AmazonUK

Coming soon to Barnes & Noble and iTunes!!!


Meeting ”the bad guy”:

Tristan quickly walked up to where we sat.

“Nathaniel, I am not exactly sure what’s going on, but we might have trouble,” he said, and we both stood up.

“What happened?” Nathaniel asked him.

“I was, uh, taking a stroll with one of the, um, young ladies I met, and I noticed a couple of cars off of the maintenance road to the west of the back pasture, where the forest is. I didn’t want to get too close until there were more of us, just in case.”

“Why were you clear over there? That’s a quarter-mile away.”

“Like I said, I was with a young lady and we were looking for some privacy, and, uh…getting the lay of the land, so to speak, and…”

“All right, let’s get Monty and go check it out on horseback, and get Sylvia, Ethan, and Corrina on standby,” Nathaniel quickly plotted their strategy. They found Monty and asked Eli to stay with me while they were gone, which, Nathaniel promised me, would only be twenty minutes, tops. The three set off for the stable after conferring with Sylvia, Ethan, and Corrina. After they left, I made the rounds with Eli and even let him have a couple of dances with me.

After Nathaniel had been gone for almost forty-five minutes, his absence bothered me. While Eli took a turn dancing with Avery, I decided there would be no harm in quickly going down to check with Sylvia, Ethan, and Corrina at the stables. Maybe they were all chatting down there and getting the horses settled.

I walked to the doors of the stable, pushed one open, and found it empty. Back outside, I looked out across the field to the west, but saw nothing. Turning the other way, I spotted Nathaniel walking slowly toward the building.

“Hey, what took you so long?” I said, and walked quickly in his direction before I suddenly realized it wasn’t Nathaniel.

“I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else,” I explained, embarrassed about my error.

“That’s quite all right,” he replied.

“Um, I don’t believe we’ve met,” I said to the stranger, thinking he was a guest at the ball, and feeling a bit uncomfortable.

I am Anselm Templeton, and I just had to come see for myself what all of the fuss was about,” he sneered.

I knew who he was at once, and my heart skipped several beats. Sensing my imminent peril, I tried to think fast about what to do… .



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