Kathleen Shoop stops by for an Interview

I cannot tell you how pleased I am to have Mrs. Shoop on my blog today!  She is a wonderful person, author and friend!  She’s released two books, The Last Letter, and After the Fog.  Both are historical novels.

Welcome, Kathie!

Hi Emerald, thank you so very much for having me here today!

Can you tell us about yourself?

I’ve been writing seriously for ten years and have published several Chicken Soup for the Soul stories. I’ve also published essays in local papers and last year I released my first novel, The Last Letter. This May, I released my second book, After the Fog. Both are historical fiction, but from different eras. I’m working on getting a women’s fiction book set in 1992 out this summer and I’m drafting the follow up to The Last Letter right now.

How many books do you have under your belt?  

I’ve written about 8 books, but only two are out so far.

You just released a new book, After the Fog.  If I’m correct, you won an award, right?  Congratulations!  What’s your book about?

Yes, thank you, I won two awards—a silver in the Independent Publisher Book Awards and one in the National Indie Excellence Awards. After the Fog is set against Donora, Pennsylvania’s 1948 killing smog. I used the timeline of that event and created a fictional family that is already under stress before the fog sets in. Once it does, the fog pushes them to their limits! Rose Pavlesic, the main character, is a public health nurse who finds herself pulled in different directions during the smog—conflicted about who to help first, her family or her patients.

When do you work your best?  Do you have a routine?

Morning is always best for me. By the end of the day, when all my kids’ activities are done and they’re in bed, I’m pretty much half-dead myself. I wish I had more energy at night. I can get some small things done then, like rereading scenes or minor editing, but big revisions? I can’t do that at all except during the day while they’re at school.

Are you generally a morning person or night person?

Morning, by far!!!

Do you like white, milk or dark chocolate best?  

Dark Chocolate! Milk chocolate is great, too, but when I’m trying to eat more healthfully, dark chocolate works. I don’t think white chocolate is really chocolate…does anyone like that best? Just curious…I know some people who are allergic to chocolate who eat white, but I can’t say I’ve heard of people liking white best! School me on that, please!

What’s your favorite song?  Group?

I don’t have a favorite group or song—I like so many disparate kinds of music…From Indigo Girls to Metallica to my daughter’s Disney groups, to James Taylor to Kiss, to Alabama Shakes to Bill Deasy, to Louisiana Red…Not a very good answer, huh? Same goes for types of books and movies—I like it all!

Oh, I’m the same way!  It’s a great answer!

Where can we connect with you? 

Twitter: @kathieshoop

Website: http://kshoop.com

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kathleen-Shoop/359762600734147

Thanks for stopping by Kathie!  I’m so happy that you were able to join me on my blog, and I wish you much more success in the future! 


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