An update on Discouragement…

Well, the other day, I wrote a blog post rather hastily and vented about my predicament of being discouraged about some feedback on my latest novel.  However, I’m glad to report, I’m feeling much better about it all.  Right now, my boyfriend’s grandmother, who happens to be an English professor and avid reader has my novel and will be reading through it soon giving me more feedback.  I also heard back from another beta reader, a 12 year old girl (part of my target audience) who liked it although she had some feedback to tell me as well.  But still, that it was enjoyed is very helpful in making me feel better about it.  Not to mention, all of the wonderful comments from y’all!

I’m happy to announce that I’m out of my funk (mostly) and will be reworking the novel in a few weeks.  (I need to give myself some time to recuperate, and well, I have another project to work on.)  But, if you need a little inspiration, here’s a picture I saw on Facebook posted by an author of Southern poetry that I had the pleasure of interviewing last year.  It definitely got me to thinking about inspiration, and what I needed to do change my attitude about my story.



15 thoughts on “An update on Discouragement…

  1. Dear Emerald,

    I am so happy to hear that you are out of your funk! That is awesome, and I also liked how you shared about your different readers example your boyfriend’s grandmother and English Professor giving you feedback! I hear that. I also like how your beta readers ( 12 year old girl is also giving you some feedback! This is so inspiring for me, as an aspiring writer. This is why I share my excerpts on my first book, to also try and get feedback, so in this way I can rework my first book to be even better. You are truly talented and you inspire me everyday! thanks for sharing the poem it is truly amazing.

    Syl Stein


      1. Your most welcome Emerald, and I am sure there are many others you inspire! oh thanks for your kind words! and I also am hopeful for my first book, because I have authors such as yourself and others like The World Literary Cafe ( who pay it forward for us all!

        Warmest WIshes,



      2. Well, at the WLC that’s what we all strive for! I’m so glad that you’ve found a community that works for you and that it is our community started by the lovely Melissa Foster! Being a volunteer there is so awesome. But I do appreciate your kind comments, and I do wish you the most success with your novel and if you need help, just ask! I’m only a FB message or email away! Plus, we have that beta reader/critique forum on the WLC if you need that.


      3. Dear Emerald,

        I have with the WLC and it is great, and Melissa Foster is lovely I agree. She along with all of you have helped to pay it forward for us aspiring writers! Kudos! Thanks so much and your most welcome!



  2. Nice blog, Emerald. I know the pangs that come when somebody shows little or no appreciation of all the blood sweat and tears that go into any of our creative writings.. my all time hero is the late Sir Winston Churchill, whose creed was ‘ NEVER, EVER, EVER, GIVE UP”…that goes for anything you consider worthwhile.!. keep it flowing m’Lady.. Cheers ‘ Have great day .. :):):)


      1. I read something about William Faulkner many years ago, and they quoted him as saying he had always felt the lack that he didn’t have a community of writers around him. He always felt like he was going it aone, and that his writing would have been better if he’d known other writers he could learn from and work with.


      2. Wow. I never knew that! I love Faulkner and had the opportunity to go visit his house back in May. But, you know, that’s definitely something to think about. Where would we be without our community of writers?


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