Tag You’re It!

Well, I’ve been fortunate to have been tagged in two things as of late!  First, Katie Jennings has awesomely bestowed the Inspiring Blogger Award upon me, and I cannot thank her enough!  According to the rules, I have to tell you 7 unique things about myself.

Here it goes:

1. I’m obsessed with all things Doctor Who!  (Recently my boyfriend bought me Tardis earrings and a necklace!)

2. I’m currently crocheting a blanket that has unfortunately taken me about a year to get as far as I have on it.  I still have a pretty good ways to go on it as well.

3. I’ve recently made a lifestyle change, and I’m working on changing my eating habits to a more healthier one.

4. Although I have made this lifestyle change, fitting in time to exercise is still hard to do and something I don’t really want to do. 😉

5. I’m a sucker for cliched romantic moments.

6. I am addicted to Friends re-runs.

7. I’ve never owned a sock monkey (aside from sock monkey slippers which doesn’t technically count does it?), and I really want one.

I’m now supposed to nominate 15 different people, but that’s too hard to choose.  Everyone I keep up with is inspirational to me.


Jo Eberhardt has tagged me in the Lucky 7 meme!  Since my WIP has already been done, I’ll share an excerpt of my novel, Read Me Dead.

Again, the rules are:

  1. Go to the 7th or 77th page of your WIP.
  2. Go to the 7th line of the page.
  3. Copy the next 7 paragraphs (exactly as typed).
  4. Tag 7 other authors and let them know they’re it.

Dave says, “All right.  Let’s go.”

I avoid eye contact with them and walk out of the house and down the porch steps to Dave’s red Chevrolet Silverado.  I take the front seat of the truck while the two boys slide in the backseat.  Dave enters the driver’s side and starts the truck.  He buckles and turns the air conditioner on high.

“It’s torture out there,” he says and backs out of the driveway.  Bless his heart.  He’s doing all he can to keep the conversation light.

When we arrive at the building the newspaper uses as their headquarters on Main Street, Dave parallel parks the truck in front of the small glass front building settled in between a child’s clothing boutique and a hardware store.

I take in a deep breath and exhale slowly.  My stomach feels like it’s turning flips.

“You all right?” Landon asks.

“I’m fine,” I say as I open the door.  A warm breeze blows across my face as soon as I step outside.

This is taken from page 77 of my original document.  Again, no tags, but please, feel free to share on your blogs or in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “Tag You’re It!

  1. Fellow sucker for romance, here. Once I’ve gotten to know and/or like a character, my heart always pulls so hard for them to have a really sweet love moment. …Not that I’m always that kind to them, of course. A softie of a villain, is my author self. (;


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