Just a quick update!

Hey guys!  As you all know, this blog is about writing – mostly.  But I have recently come to the conclusion that I want to help others deal with emotional problems, etc and give inspiration to young adults who need it.  So, instead of doing that on this blog, I have started a new blog for young adults, and adults alike, who need more inspiration in their lives.

As some of you may know, I’m a Christian Author.  I write stories with a Christian tone, and I’m very proud of that.  So, this blog is in fact Christian-based.  But, if you’d like to follow me there, it’s emeraldbarnes.blogspot.com.

And, a few weeks ago, I had an interview published on a blog.  You can read it and an excerpt of Read Me Dead.  Also, you can enter to win a digital copy of Read Me Dead.  Here’s the link.


2 thoughts on “Just a quick update!

    1. It’s actually live right now. I have just done an introductory blog post on what it’s about, etc. I’m still keeping this one around as my writing blog, but I thought I would start the other one for something that is passionate to me – helping others.


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