Author Interview with Andrew Clawson

Today I’m proud to introduce Andrew Clawson, author of Patriot’s Betrayal.   


Can you tell us a little more about you?  Any interesting facts we need to know?

-By day I work for a railroad investigating railroad accidents. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever be doing something like this, but it certainly keeps things lively. In my free time I love to read and write, with the writing now making up the majority of that grouping. Other than that, I like to avoid watching reality television whenever possible. That stuff rots your brain.


What is your book, Patriot’s Betrayal, about?  Where did the idea stem from?

-My book deals with a conspiracy of the highest order, dating back to the founding of America. An unassuming guy, Parker Chase, is thrown into a set of extraordinary circumstances and is forced to fight for his life while at the same time seeking to uncover the truth behind an unimaginable crime.

I got the idea while reading through an article on the founding of the United States. For years I’ve been interested in the Revolutionary War, in the amazing men and women who had the courage to take on the most powerful country on Earth and take their freedom.


This will be part of series, if I’m not mistaken, of Parker Chase, your main character.  What’s Parker like?

-Normally he’s a very stand-up kind of guy, but when the situation calls for it, he can be one mean bastard. My favorite part of writing is discovering who my characters are as I write. A reader will be able to follow along on the evolution of Parker Chase as a person in the same way I did; through the pages of my books. Parker will be making several more appearances in my next works, the second of which finds him involved in a much more modern disaster, one to which everyone can relate. But as for Parker, I like to think he’s a good guy at heart, has a touch of scoundrel in him, and is capable of incredible things when the need arises.


Do you plan on sticking with writing solely thrillers or would you like to dabble in a different genre in the future?

-Right now I feel most comfortable writing in the thriller genre, mainly because that’s what I love to read. I look at the decades of pleasure reading, the thousands of books that I devoured in my free time, as research for what I’m now doing. As an unknown author just starting out, I want to put my best foot forward, and I believe the proper way to do that is to stick with what you know. After I get a few more thrillers on my bookshelf, who knows?


What do you do when you aren’t writing?

-I always love a good book, and getting out to support my local sports teams when they’re in town.


Would you like to share an excerpt of your novel with us?

-Here’s a scene from A Patriot’s Betrayal, one that I believe gives an insight into who Parker Chase really is.

Two blasts sounded and Parker jumped back, certain he’d been shot. As he landed on the desk, he was shocked to see two red holes open in the shorter man’s chest, who was still pointing his gun at him. His taller partner dove behind a bookcase to his left, and only then did Parker realize the shots had come from the doorway. He was stunned to see the gargantuan CIA agent who’d interviewed him yesterday burst into the room with another man, guns drawn.

The short man stared at his chest in disbelief as he fell to the ground, blood oozing onto the floor from each wound.

His surviving partner leaned out from behind the narrow bookcase and returned fire as each cop scrambled behind a couch across the room. Bullets tore into the rich leather and a light snow of shredded stuffing fell about the room, a serene accompaniment to the deafening roar of gunshots that assaulted his eardrums.

Parker ducked beneath the desk and hoped the thick, almost calcified boards salvaged from the sea floor would stop any stray bullets.

As bullets continued to fly through the room, Parker got on the ground and peered out from underneath the desk, looking for any way out of the war zone. The muscled government agent and his friend had the other man pinned down, but the single gunman had retrieved his dead partner’s pistol and was holding his own for the moment.

The only exit was directly in front of him. To his left was the CIA, and to his right the fake security guard.

If he ran now, he’d be gunned down before he took two steps.

His ears ached from the incessant gunfire, and he knew time was running out for him to escape. Eventually one of the shots would find their mark, an ending he had no desire to witness. If the government colossus lost, he was dead, and there was always the chance a stray bullet would find its way toward him. Even as he lay there, several loud thunks in the woodwork made the decision for him.

It was time to move.

Just then he caught sight of his uncle’s journal on the floor only a few feet from him. The guy must have dropped it when his accomplice had been shot. If he ran for the front door he would go right past the journal. All he needed was an opening. As if on cue, the click of an empty magazine locking out sounded. The lone gunman ejected the spent clip, and Parker made his move.

He burst out from under the desk and shoved a chair at the fake security guard. As he ran, Parker scooped up the journal and hurtled towards the open door, expecting to be shot at any moment. As he reached the hallway, he glanced to his left at the two men crouched behind the now shredded couch. Amazingly, both were providing covering fire, which most likely saved his life.

A bullet shattered the framed picture next to his head and glass sprayed everywhere. He tore open the front door and raced down the hallway, but just as he cleared the door, a searing pain ripped across his shoulder.

Parker never stopped moving as he bolted from the building, blood seeping from where the bullet shredded his skin.


And last but not least, what’s your favorite dessert?

-Cheesecake. No question about it. Preferably with chocolate chips.


I do believe we have a lot in common, Andy!  That is actually my favorite dessert as well!  Thanks for joining me!  Where can we keep up with your latest works and where can we buy Patriot’s Betrayal?

-You can find them either on my website,, or on Amazon.

Thank you so much for having me, and best wishes to you and all your readers who stop by!


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