Feeling a bit mushy… And a blog award!

I am so overwhelmed at how wonderful my friends and family have been in supporting and helping me with my writing.  I wouldn’t have gotten so far without y’all.

To those of you who were my first followers, you guys are amazing!  To you who have just recently followed me, thank you!  I hope you all find what you need while reading my humble little blog.

I’ve met some amazing people along the way.  Those I’m still in contact with, and those I haven’t spoken to in a while.  You all are in my thoughts daily.  I hope that you are reaching for your dreams and succeeding in them!

Okay.  Sorry about the mushy gushy stuff.  I’m just overwhelmed at the wonderful people out there willing to help out authors.

Now, without further adieu, I have won a blog award!  Thank you, Ever On Word!

There are two rules of acceptance: 1) The nominee must tell seven things about his/herself; and 2) the nominee must nominate seven others for the award.  (I’m not big on nominating others, so if I “forget” to pass this on.  Know that I love you all, and I want to know more about you!  I just don’t want you to feel obligated to do this post.)

One.  I write Christian fiction, but I’m writing a vampire/werewolf series (some of you may know) under the name Nicki Collins (That’s new.).

Two.  I am totally crushing on Matt Smith as the Doctor in Doctor Who.  Like, seriously.

Three. I love the moon and stars, and for most of my childhood, I thought my grandpa could climb a ladder and get me the moon.

Four.  I adore the fall.  I love the feel of the crisp air; the color of the changing leaves.  I love the way it gets darker at night earlier.  I love the chilly mornings and a hot cup of coffee in my hands.
Five.  I have a Basset Hound who has made his way into a couple of my short stories.  He’s my baby.

Six.  I recently went through a break up that has inspired me to (hopefully) inspire others on a new blog.

Seven.  I have an addiction to buying pens and journals.

Now, I know I’m supposed to nominate seven people per instructions.  There are so many people that I want to know more about, and that I want my readers to know about!  So, I encourage everyone who reads this to make a post of your own, let me know about it, and tell me about yourselves!


17 thoughts on “Feeling a bit mushy… And a blog award!

  1. Basset hound! Oh, those are cuties!

    And I know what you mean about the journal-buying thing. I’m tempted to pick up a new journal every time I’m in a bookstore, never mind that I’ve already got a bunch of empty ones sitting around.

    Have your grandpa’s moon-acquisition abilities ever been disproved? Because I, for one, am willing to believe the impossibly fantastic, pending hard evidence. (:


    1. I know! I love my George! I thought I had a picture of him to share that was already on my computer, but I moved them to my external hard drive. I’ll have to share a picture of him soon. 🙂

      I have so many here that I don’t even know what to do with them, yet Friday when I went into Barnes and Noble with my nieces I found a journal, half price of the already discounted price. I bought it. lol

      And no. They have not been disproved yet. 😉


  2. Blue Harvest Creative

    It was so great to learn more about you! You are one of the sweetest people I’ve met. I love everything about Autumn, hot coffee and of course the moon and the stars. Not to mention I am a huge dog lover. Basset Hounds are adorable! Good luck on your new blog, too!


  3. Congratulations, Em!

    Nicki Collins, huh? Maybe we’re related. 🙂 Or, since it’s vampires and werewolves, maybe it’s a shared enthusiasm for Dark Shadows.

    Also, I’m always glad to meet a fellow pen aficionado in this electronic world.


    1. Thanks, Anthony! We can be related. That would be cool. 😉 I was playing off of my middle name with both the first and last name. Nicole… So, it seemed to fit. 😉

      Can you believe that I haven’t seen Dark Shadows the new movie or the series yet?! I have been meaning to, but I haven’t found the time. 🙂


  4. Dear Emerald,

    I really love this and getting to know more about you. You are amazing and I am going to work on one also and send it to you! you are a very spiritual amazing person. God bless you always!

    Syl Stein


      1. Thanks, Syl.

        I’m mending this sore throat the best I can. Hot tea and pain meds.

        Hoping my mom will bring me some throat drops soon. Didn’t feel like getting up and going to Walmart today. Lol No matter how old I get, I will always count on my mom!


      2. Dear Emerald,
        I hope you start to feel better soon my friend. Oh mom’s are the best aren’t they it does not matter how old we get lol. I had mine visit me over the summer and I loved it. Well again, hope the throat drops, hot tea and pain meds help- for me vicks vapor rub helped also and your most welcome!



      3. Dear Emerald,

        I am sorry my comment was not even completed lol meant to say aren’t they (lol). Yes and I agree they are the best and especially a praying family. Amen to that. I am so glad to hear you are on your way to getting better my friend. xoxoxo Well if it is not one thing it is another. I am so glad to hear you are better!

        take care sweet friend!



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