FREE eBook Promotion October 2-October 4 Plus Win An Autographed Copy Of Accountable To None By Ashley Fontainne

In celebration of re-releasing Accountable To None with a brand new cover and interior design, Ashley Fontainne is running a FREE eBook promo October 2 through October 4. Plus enter her contest to win an autographed copy of Accountable To None. Enter the contest by clicking HERE.

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Introducing the new cover for Accountable To None…

And here is the new interior layout for Accountable To None


What if the unspeakable happened to you? Would you fantasize about seeking personal vengeance? How far would you go…and how much would you sacrifice to hold those responsible that believe they are accountable to none?

Welcome to the prestigious accounting firm of Winscott & Associates. Welcome to Audra Tanner’s personal hell. She had heard the rumors about her employer. The whispered secrets. But she had thrown herself into work to escape the pain of her miscarriage and demise of her marriage. Idealistic, she thought if she worked hard she would be rewarded. She thought wrong.

Savagely initiated into the brutal underbelly of the firm, Audra learns too late that the rumors are true. Now after five years of careful plotting, Audra is ready to push the wheels of justice in motion. Her goal of retribution has turned into an obsession and she will stop at nothing until everyone responsible pays. Will revenge set her free or is Audra’s quest for personal justice only beginning?

What People Are Saying About Accountable To None

…I truly enjoyed it and recommend it to all who enjoy a fast, intriguing and entertaining story with a little mystery thrown in for good measure.” – Midwest Book Reviews Senior Reviewer and author Joan A. Adamak

…you are grabbed hook, line and sinker into the story as the book becomes an almost compulsive read.” – Charlotte Foreman, reviewer for

“… this is now one of my favorite books of all time… even after you finish, it doesn’t let go. It stays with you.” – author Lindsay Anne Kendal

…I’m exhausted. I could not put this book down. It gripped me from the very beginning and the intensity level just kept building and building…an AMAZING READ!” – author Sandy L. Wolters


Thank you for joining us today, Ashley! We’re excited to have you here with us. Let’s talk about you and the re-release of your novel Accountable to None.

Accountable To None has a brand new look. What made you decide to update this already bestselling novel and who designed it for you?

The publishing world was, and still is at times, completely foreign to me. I sort of stumbled in, blind to all the subtle nuances and intricacies that it entails. Branding, tagging, click this, click that and all the sites to promote your work and how to promote it overwhelmed me (and still does at times). This is the bane of being an Indie writer because everything falls upon your shoulders.

I liken the change to trading in an older Corvette for a newer model.  The design is sleeker, the paint shinier and the new car smell stronger but underneath it all, the same vibrant engine still roars. Although I loved the previous cover design, once I was introduced to the fabulous team at Blue Harvest Creative, I knew it was time for some new exterior ‘paint’ and a luxurious interior.


Where did you get the inspiration to write Accountable To None?

My muse for penning this series was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. The revenge on all those who hurt and betrayed Edmond Dantes and the incredible rollercoaster ride his journey takes you on intrigued me. My love for this book is what sparked my desire to write Accountable to None. With a modern setting to the tale, I wanted to delve into just what lengths a person is willing to go to as they attempt to seek justice on their own for heinous acts perpetrated upon them. The second novel in the series, Zero Balance focuses on the cost and reciprocal cycle that obtaining revenge has on the seeker. For once the cycle starts, where does it end? How far will the tendrils of revenge expand? Adjusting Journal Entries answers that question: far and wide.


When you write does the idea or do the characters come first?

It depends upon what I am working on. For this series, the character of Audra came first, and the rest of the story and the characters fell into place around her.  One novel I am working on right now focusing on the idea of learning to lean on God during times of great turmoil, and is told through the eyes of a woman that decides to end her life.

Do you have a writing routine?

My long commute to and from work each day allows me to work out the scenes in my head, editing and re-writing mentally until the scene is set. Then, when I have time such as at lunch or late in the evening, I sit in front of the computer and let my fingers fly, literally closing my eyes as I recall my thoughts from earlier.

Are there certain elements or themes you like to address in your writing?

If you only read the first novel in the series, then you might walk away with the impression that the book was solely about one woman’s quest for personal justice. However, if you read the entire trilogy, my hope is that readers discover that I am not advocating vigilantism. Quite the contrary.  I hope that after reading this series, people will contemplate the devastating consequences that exacting revenge on someone that has hurt them might have, especially on innocent bystanders. Let’s face it—we all have had those moments of intense physical or mental pain that urged us to strike back, to inflict pain upon another as payback. When the blinders of anger cause you to focus on nothing but revenge, you fail to see the other options available, nor the potential pain that your own actions might end up causing others.

What has been the most satisfying accomplishment of being an author?

That was the day I received a private message on Goodreads from a reader that just finished Accountable to None. She wanted to let me know that after reading the book, she was going to finally seek therapy for the buried trauma she suffered over ten years prior when she became a victim of rape. She told me that she knew she needed to let go of the pain and anger and face her demons, and thanked me for opening her eyes to that. I remember staring at the computer screen, mouth agape and heart pounding as tears streamed down my face.

That moment in my life made every difficult turn and bump in the road worth it. To know that my words helped another person is something I will cherish forever.

How did you decide on this genre and do you write in any others?

I love reading a book that makes your heart beat faster as your palms sweat and your throat goes dry. I also enjoy reading a book that allows you to place yourself in the situation and really ponder: what would I do if faced with the same situation?

Suspense/thrillers are my favorite, but I don’t want to pigeonhole myself into just one genre. So, earlier this year, I released my poetry and short story book, Ramblings of A Mad Southern Woman, that touches upon many things, including my faith.

I am currently working on two novels at the moment (yes, I’m a glutton for punishment) one which is a historical type saga about a World War II veteran that will be heavily based upon my grandfather, and the other will be a tear jerker. After those two are complete, I’m switching to humor…I need a laugh break!

What do you like to do when you aren’t writing?

My husband and I love to be out on our boat, so most weekends during the humid summer you will find us lounging at the ‘Redneck Riviera’ sandbar, also known as Lake Catherine. I love plants and have a lovely flower garden that I enjoy puttering around in. Our children are grown and on their own now, so my husband and I treat our dogs and cats like kids. My husband has been trying to teach me how to water ski, but it is a losing battle.


Thank you so much for having me on your blog. I had a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoys the free eBook and enters the contest. 


Be sure to check out Accountable to None and make sure to stop by and say hello to the lovely and talented Ashley Fontainne.


Now for a little fun!

A fellow Southern, yay!  You moved from California to Arkansas.  A big change.  Do you like being a little more Southern or do you still have your Cali-roots?


I dyed those Cali-roots a long time ago!

I have lived in Arkansas since my junior year in high school, so I have lived in the South longer than not. After all these years of hair-ruining humidity, violent storms, fried food and the loss of gallons of blood after the enormous mosquitoes drank their fill, I believe I have earned the title “Southerner.” But I can still pull off a great Valley Girl when necessary!


What’s your favorite Southern dish? 

No one made fried catfish like my grandfather.  When he was still alive, when the word ‘fish’ was mentioned, I was there in a flash. I never did understand what he did to make his recipe so different from others, but he did.  I have yet to find another person or restaurant that holds a candle to his yummy catfish.


Your novel is about revenge.  Do you find that you’re more like your character in your novel or is it purely fantasy on your part?

I am a strange mix between Audra and Mrs. Milligan. The human side of me understands the need to seek revenge, but the spiritual side of me wars against it. I’m not sure which one would win if the battle left the pages and became real.


About Ashley Fontainne

International bestselling author Ashley Fontainne is an avid reader of mostly the classics. Ashley became a fan of the written word in her youth, starting with the Nancy Drew mystery series. Stories that immerse the reader deep into the human psyche and the monsters that lurk within us are her favorite reads.

Her muse for penning this series was The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. The revenge on all those who hurt and betrayed Edmond Dantes and the incredible rollercoaster ride his journey takes you on intrigued her. Ashley’s love for this book is what sparked her desire to write her debut novel, Accountable to None, the first book in the trilogy Eviscerating the Snake. With a modern setting to the tale, Ashley delves into the lengths a person is willing to go when they seek personal justice for heinous acts perpetrated upon them. The second novel in the series, Zero Balance, focuses on the cost and reciprocal cycle that obtaining revenge has on the seeker. For once the cycle starts, where does it end? How far will the tendrils of revenge expand? Adjusting Journal Entries, the third in the series, answers that question: far and wide.

Born and raised in California, Ashley now calls Arkansas home with her husband and four children. She also enjoys writing poetry and short stories and recently published Ramblings of a Mad Southern Woman: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry on Life, Love, Loss and Longing, which is available on Amazon. Ashley is also a supporter of the Joyful Heart Foundation that assists victims of violent crime seeking help and healing, and donates 10% of all yearly book sales to the cause.

Connect With Ashley:






1.  Enter the contest by clicking HERE

2.  Click the cover image below to download the FREE eBook from Amazon or click HERE!








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