Disappointment – a writer’s companion?

Disappointment.  Sometimes it seems like my constant companion.  I’m disappointed in the way my work turns out sometimes.  I’m disappointed with sales – or lack thereof.  I’m disappointed that I don’t have the drive to write like I used to which I think is because of the disappointment.  But, such is life.  I know that, and I have to overcome it.  Which I’m working on doing as I type this.

Being disappointed won’t help me.  If I can turn that disappointment into something stronger, use it towards my advantage it would be a lot better.  It would cancel out the disappointment, right?  No, probably not.  There will always be something that I’m disappointed about.  But again, such is life.

Being disappointed doesn’t mean that I have to let it cripple me.  I just have to work through the disappointment and find a better way to use my emotions.  I can use them to better my writing.  I can use them to better my marketing skills – well what little marketing skills I have.  Just because it seems like the end of the world, it doesn’t mean it is.

I struggle with being a pessimist.  I want to be an optimist, but I worry – more than I should.  Even though I know I shouldn’t, I always seem to worry.  But, I’m working on that as well.

I know that writing always has its up and downs.  It always will.  There will be days that we struggle to find the words to say that will give us a best seller or, you know, just a seller.  There will be days that we don’t even want to face the internet for worry and fear that no one will want to hear what we have to say.  That no one cares about us and what we love.  It’s easy to feel that way, but what I have come to learn is that THIS is what I love – on most days.  THIS is what I cannot imagine living without doing.

So, disappointment, it doesn’t have to be our constant companion.  If it sets in, just use that to better your skills.  Turn it into a positive.  It couldn’t hurt to try at least.

What disappointments do you battle?


16 thoughts on “Disappointment – a writer’s companion?

  1. What disappointments do you battle?

    I struggle with a loss of enthusiasm for the subject.

    I plot my stories well enough now that I always have something to write; but when I lose my enthusiasm for the story, it makes it hard to sit down and grind out the words.

    And that in turn makes me doubt anyone else would be interested in it, (if I can’t be bothered to write it, who will want to read it?).


    1. Emerald Barnes

      I struggle with that too! But, that’s where editing comes in and helps out. Sometimes, though, by the time the editing comes around, I’m usually sick of my book. haha

      Thanks for sharing though!


  2. Dear Emerald,

    I really loved your post, and what I most struggle with is also being disappointed that I did not do a good job on what I wrote. I also get worried that maybe people will not like what I have to say. However, I am inspired by authors like yourself who have strived to go forward. The WLC and Melissa Foster- also have inspired me, and also Melissa Foster’s Support Team! thanks again for this post and thanks for sharing! xoxoxo



  3. I’m disappointed that I can’t seem to work up the energy to get anything done, these past few days. I can’t tell whether it’s one of those times when I need a break, or if that’s just the laziness talking and I should muscle through. It would be nice to know the difference, so I could commit to one course of action or another, instead of waffling in between. *le bla-a-ah…*


    1. Emerald Barnes

      I completely feel your pain! I’ve felt the same way lately. Especially today! When my nieces and nephew “distracted” me, I gladly accepted it! 🙂


  4. Hi Emerald, thanks for writing about this subject as it’s something us writer’s can totally relate to. I agree with Michaelene’s idea of using it for your character and re-iterate Sylvia’s praise for the support of WLC Melissa Foster and all these lovely new writer friends we have made 🙂


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