Ah – Editing Knight’s Academy

I’m once again editing a novel.  I’m actually writing a book while editing another book.  I used to hate editing.  Which I mostly attribute to reading and reading and reading and yet again, reading my novel.  Eventually, I’m sick to death of it.  But, I have to say with Knight’s Academy, I’m not really sick of it.  I’m on Draft 3, well, I guess technically 4 since I’m editing it from beta comments, now.

Speaking of betas, I have found WONDERFUL betas for this novel, who all LOVE the book!  Can it get  better than that?!  No, I don’t think so.  Hearing that people love your book will make you happy!

But, just to share what my betas have said:

Author of the Eden Series, Janelle Stalder, said “I cannot get enough of this book!!! Usually it takes me forever to beta, because I have to read it so carefully, and that actually takes away from the story for me, but not in this case! I’m just flying through it and am abso-[freaking]-lutely loving it!! Only halfway done, but I just wanted you to know that it’s amazing so far! I love Milo!!!!lol”

Author of Heart Song, Samantha LaFantasie said, “I’m hoping there will be more to this story. You can’t just leave it at this.  Great story! I absolutely loved it….Myka seemed like a perfect character.”

A lady my dad works with said she couldn’t stop reading it, and that this was her favorite book of mine!  A 12 year old who is in the target audience said she loved it as well!  So, I’m feeling elated actually!

Okay, excuse the self-promotion please.  I’m just feeling really good about this novel, even though I’m still in edits!

Editing.  I was actually eager to get back to editing.  Why?  Well for one, I want this novel out in the hands of some of you lovely readers who will enjoy it!  Two, I LOVE IT!  It’s different than anything else I’ve written.  Completely new genre for me.  Vampires and werewolves – not Christian fiction.

Part of me is nervous, but then again, others are loving it so I have no reason to be nervous.  I think it’s because it’s new, and new sometimes scares me.  I’m very set in my ways, which is odd for a 25 year old.

However, I’m just going to edit and get it out there.  The worst that can happen will happen no matter what I think or say.  Just have to grow my thick skin and deal with it.  If it’s not liked, it won’t be the first time someone didn’t like my work.  😉

Sorry for this random and probably incomprehensible post…


7 thoughts on “Ah – Editing Knight’s Academy

  1. ‘I think the key to editing is pacing yourself. As you say, if you read the same thing over and over you’ll get sick of it (and your edits will hurt rather than help). I’m working on my mystery stories now, going through some very positive and helpful beta comments, and it helps so much that I took a break and worked on other things before starting this round of edits.


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