Book Review: Lichgates by S.M. Boyce

As you followers might know, the lovely S.M. Boyce has been on my blog a few times, and she will continue to be.  (Stay tuned until Dec. 21)  Well, since she is so lovely and I know a talented author, I had the chance to review her novels!  So far, I’ve only read Lichgates, but Treason is currently being read.

And well, since you’ve sat through my small intro, I think I should go ahead and give you what you want.  The REVIEW!

Lichgates follows the two main characters, Kara and Braeden, (and some others) during a journey in Ourea, a world tied to Earth through lichgates – or gates to other worlds.

While out hiking one day, Kara accidentally finds herself walking through a lichgate and falling into a hole in the earth where limbs began grabbing her.  She falls into a library, with no doors, and the only furniture is a desk and chair with a red bound leather book sitting on the desk.  Curiosity overcomes her, and she opens the book, sealing her future with something that she doesn’t want.  She is now the Vagabond of Ourea.  It is then that she meets Braeden, and they are thrown into a journey together.  One they’ll never forget and one that includes trying to bring peace back to Ourea instead of war.  But can they do it?

Kara has to overcome so many obstacles, including coming to terms with her past, learning how to trust, and learning that she can’t always trust those she thinks that she can.  Braeden has to deal with the same thing – except his past is tied to his future which is bleak at best.  But there is one thing they can always count on, each other, but at times, they probably shouldn’t.

I fell in love with this book quickly.  Ms. Boyce definitely kept me wanting to know more about this book, and she did a wonderful job of creating a new world – a world full of strange beings and beings that I quickly fell in love with.

This book is definitely deserving of 5 Stars, and I strongly suggest picking up a copy today and reading it!  If you like LoTR, Narnia, and other fantasy novels, you’ll love this one!

For more info on the trilogy and Ms. Boyce:

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