Interview with Robert Zimmerman, Author of From Where I Stand

Hey guys!  I was fortunate enough to meet Rob through a mutual author friend and on Twitter.  When he released his new book of poetry, From Where I Stand, I asked him to join me on my blog!  We sat down, had a little chat, and here was what was said!


Hi, Rob!  Thanks for joining me today!  Do you mind telling us a little about yourself?

 My name’s Rob Zimmermann (or Robert if you’re looking me up in most places). I write poetry and have come out with my first book of poetry, From Where I Stand. I also run the blog A Life Among The Pages, where I review many different books, support authors of all kinds, and love to interact with readers from all over.


Your first book of poems has recently been published.  Is there a theme that you’ve decided to write about?  If so, what is it and why did you choose that theme?  If not, what was your decision in that?   

I don’t think that I can pinpoint one central theme, at least in an easily explainable way. I can easily say that there aren’t many “happy” moment in the collection. Many of the poems deal with my life growing up; mostly my teenage and early adult years. Some themes that come up are divorce, death, grief, love.

You might be able to place an umbrella over it saying that by the end there is an overall feel of maturity to the pieces. I know when I was writing them I matured in many ways. I think it’s conveyed in many of the poems as well.


I’ve never been really good at writing poems, but poems have always fascinated me.  What do you think is the best part of writing poetry?  How did you get into writing poems? 

 Writing poetry comes much more natural to me than any other discipline of writing.  I think that’s why I stick with it. I started writing back in high school because my girlfriend at the time wrote poetry and I thought “That’s something I can do, too.” So I did. I realized after the first few poems, and some positive feedback from them, that it was the form of writing that worked for me.

I feel that with poetry I can be as honest, dishonest, fictional, or non-fictional as I want to be for a particular piece. There’s a great freedom to the craft that fiction (for me as a writer) doesn’t share. I’m not saying that fiction writers can’t write about what poets do, because it’s very possible. It’s just for me poetry is where I thrive. It’s much easier for me.

Poetry is also can be at much shorter lengths than even a short story, yet convey so much in so little time. That also helps me because I don’t have the attention span or motivation to write a longer individual piece than a couple pages of poetry at a time.

So to answer the question about what’s the best part, I think I can boil it down to the freedom to do almost anything with your words and you don’t need to sit at your desk for hours and hours expanding and expanding an idea (though it’s possible to do that as well, epic poems do exist).


Do you plan to ever write a fiction novel?  Or do you think you’ll always write poetry? 

 I don’t have any plans to write a novel. I struggle enough as it is to come up with the few short stories I’ve written. I’m open to writing more short stories, if the inspiration for one comes. They’d most likely be more of a flash fiction length than anything more.

I have though about writing a story in the form of a poem. I admire poet/authors who can do this. The first time I came across a novel in verse was Out of the Darkness by Karen Hesse. I read that in middle school, I think. It’s a novel in verse about a young girl living in the dust bowl during the Great Depression. If I could attempt to write something like that, I’d be pretty impressed with myself.

I don’t see this happening any time soon, though. Haha. I think I’ll be sticking to poetry for the near future. But who knows, things can change for no apparent reason.


What’s next for you? 

Right now I’m working on putting together a few poems for an anthology. I’m taking some very old poems and reworking them into much better new poems. I’m working with Amber Jerome~Norrgard, Ben Ditmars, and Scott Morgan on this anthology. We may bring a few more poets in depending on who we find.

The idea started as just a fun thing to publish for the holidays, but now we’re planning to make it more meaningful for everyone. We’re in the process of organizing this anthology to raise money for Operation Kindness. It’s a no-kill animal shelter in North Texas. We’re all animal lovers and would like to put our hard work to a great cause.

We’re still working out the kinks with the writing and the donation process, but we hope to get the book out to readers around Christmas or early January…but nothing’s set in stone since we’d rather have quality work out, than rush through it.


Now, let’s have a little fun. 

Morning or Night?

 I’m more of a morning person, than a night person. But I can do both if really needed. I’m just more motivated to get most of my daily routine done between 6 and noon. After that laziness sets in much easier. Also the afternoon has more distractions.


Favorite candy?

 Skittles or Mike & Ikes. I’ve been more into Mike & Ikes lately. That’s because they seem more worth it since I can get them for a like a dollar a box, when skittles are around 70+ cents for a smaller bag.

Favorite flavor of Skittles is the purple bag. Mike & Ikes would be the normal green box. The tropical ones are a little weird sometimes.


Facebook or Twitter?

 I used both and find the benefits of each. I think I use Twitter much more, but I’m starting to get back on Facebook more and more often because I like to have more in-depth conversations with my peers and fans.

Though, for my personal Facebook account I think I use it just as often as I do my Twitter. 


Thanks for joining me today Rob!  I wish you much success with your poetry!  Feel free to stop by any time!

Rob's Author PicMore about Rob.

Robert has been writing poetry since the eleventh grade. His writing started as impulsive rambling, but soon became a passion. A few years later he attended SUNY Potsdam where he received a B.A. in Creative Writing.

His main focus is poetry, but at times you can find him dabbling in short fiction. Robert has also created the blog A Life Among The Pages, where he posts his writing as well as book reviews.

When he’s not reading or writing, Robert enjoys spending time with his dog, Deuc. Deuc ran out of the woods in August 2011 and they have been inseparable ever since.


About From Where I StandFrom Where I Stand Cover

From Robert Zimmermann comes From Where I Stand, an emotional debut poetry collection.  Zimmermann explores strained parental relationships, loss of life, and the despair associated with grief.  Alongside these darker themes, he delves into the small areas of life that often go unnoticed but become the hope we are searching for.


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